Category Universal Law

Category Universal Law

It is time to do a little housekeeping.  I get extremely busy from time to time.  Then when I’m looking for something I just keep looking, which means it is time to clean.  Sometimes you just have to stop and organize.  Everything is simplification and moderation to keep balance.

I got carried away and way too many categories on this site.  When updating categories it is best to contain prime numbers or sacred numbers.  Such as – when investing in stocks no more than 7 stocks at one time.  Learned that in a stock investing class before.  Sacred numbers 11 and 22.  In numerology you never break down the numbers 11 or 22 because, they are sacred numbers (years of research).

Universal Law – contains coded messages that the soul carries though out each life time for the 4 bodies of being. Each life time contains unfinished self-love lessons of baggage (karmic debt) that is carried through out each life time. Each life time is new lessons for self to create karmic debt or karmic credit. Karmic debt or karmic credit is what self has created through self-love for self. After completion of the 12 levels of self-love the soul has passed all lessons and is free to move on to the next dimension.

Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

The human race really baffles my mind sometimes.  I just shake my head in a back and forth fashion and think to myself, ‘They know not what they do, because karma is a BIT**, and she will slap them in the face for what they have created for themselves’.

Introvert – What the world has done to me [what I have done to myself].  Extrovert – What I have done to the world [what I have done to myself].

A parent teaches love to a child what they have learned [conditional love].  A child receives love what they have learned [conditional love].  Every single experience/adventure is a lesson to learn in the love wave.  The love wave is the emotional body having an adventure.  Choice is then learning to ask – What am I to learn from this adventure?  You answering that question is conditional love from emotions [emotional body]. You letting the universe answer that question will come in the sign of symbols.  Symbols such as a butterfly – means let it go, etc.   To hold on to an emotion is the same thing as karmic baggage of karmic debt.

Tough love is receiving the same lesson over and over again until self learns why the lesson keeps happening.  It takes 2 weeks for change to happen.  2 weeks a person’s mind will resist change.  To change anything in life is to first change self in learning how to ask the correct questions.

Change is extremely hard for many.  Just remember everything in life comes in baby steps.

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Numbers in hierarchy of consciousness.

Numbers in hierarchy of consciousness.

Numbers change probability of past, present, and future moments in time.

The only thing constant in life is change.  Chi is energy that is constantly changing, which then creates the symbologies and metaphors that are creations presented to us on a daily basis.

Each change is new probability that creates a new change.  Change is constant.  The fluctuation of vibrational vibrations of rhythmic rhythms changes the velocity of patterns.  These patterns are an intercut web of numbers and the numbers are infinite and constantly changing.

The sensation of time for change is now.  From time to time – I am given a sensation it is time for change.  This change is in personal growth.  Every day is an opportunity in personal growth.

Wholistic nutrition – cleanse 4 bodies of being in order to create a balanced core.  For me it is time for a spiritual cleansing.  A spiritual cleansing is a cleansing that connects with universal consciousness.

Hierarchy of consciousness -1) sub-conscious, 2) conscious, 3) higher conscious, 4) cosmic conscious, and 5) universal conscious.  The human 5 senses must be at the peak of higher consciousness in order to pass through to cosmic consciousness.

All 22 chakras create higher consciousness.

In order for personal growth to take me to the next level, it is time for a spiritual journey for me.

The wonderful thing about life is I do not have the time, money, or energy to waste on any type of substance to reach a higher state of consciousness.

My last auric pic a few years back, the lady told me – whatever you are doing keep it up, because all your chakras are open.  I watched a movie once for about 10 minutes.  It was called eat, pray, love.  After 10 minutes I was bored.  I thought, why waste all that time, money, and energy to find something that you already have, seems really silly to me.

I teach to reconnect mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – self-love.

Point – why would anyone travel the world to find themselves, when all they have to do is to learn how to love themselves and the doors are always wide open.

A spiritual journey for a beginner is from the inside out.  If you have been on a spiritual journey many times like me, it begins in present moment past earth’s physical realm.  One day I gave myself permission, I do that quite frequently, when it is time, when I know I am ready for universal law for whatever desire I seek.  That means I have already done my research extensively.  It was a moment in my life for a time of change.  I gave myself permission to bring my dream state into my waking state to be as one state of being.

I always had this capability, but I choose not to use it for many years, until I was ready.  Now the spirit realm, which is the 8th chakra, is part of a normal everyday life for me.   A person must always respect universal law.


4 + 1 = 5

4 + 1 = 5

Loving life through creating ambiance and tranquility into the depths of soul.

It warms my heart to know it is the land of possibilities.

The soul is kinda like the captain for the core of being.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The Spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

4 bodies of being is contained in the core of being. 4 + 1 = 5

There are 5 chemical compounds within the brain to reach the god neuron.  It is a mathematical equation that is very simple, but yet baffles the mind of a scientist.  Simply because they only choose to use the frontal lobe of the brain.

Everyone that chooses to use anything but natural meditation, chooses substance in order to reach the god neuron.  To choose anything but natural meditation will then have reversal damage to 1 of the 4 bodies of being.  Bottom line drugs or alcohol, etc will have created karmic debt instantly.  That is called instant gratification.

Putting a toxin in your body you are then creating a love wave of regret, which we all know is the universal law of cause and effect.

Open your mind and you open your world to the endless possibilities that connects you to the love wave of karmic credit.

IN – in the moment, in the emotion, in 3d 3rd dimension.

OF – above the moment, above the emotion, above 3d 3rd dimension.

The connection is yours to choose.  You get to choose karmic credit or karmic debt.  That is called free will in universal law.

Your choice to choose wisely 😉


Extrovert or Introvert = Perception

Extrovert or Introvert = Perception

Outward Extrovert

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Inward Looking – Introvert

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.

Introvert – Happy alone at home small groups and good listener.

Extrovert – Enjoy company of others and feels lonely and unhappy only have themselves for company.

Introvert – what the world has done to me.

Extrovert – what I have done to the world.

Baby steps in healing is learning the opposite of perception of one’s own beliefs.  Putting the shoe on the other foot so to speak.  Instead of saying why is this happening to me.  Say what am I to learn from this.  This is growing in personal growth of emotional maturity.

Learning starts in the primordial body of being in the first chakra, base chakra.  Moving through each chakra is moving into one moment in time when the emotional body of being is stuck at a moment of childhood.  The adult grows in mental body and physical body, but the emotional body is stuck at a particular time and space of childhood.  Until one grows through the pain of past moments, one will never grow into maturity in the emotional body of being.  Therefore, one is stuck in one of the 7 chakras in the physical body of being.

Each astrology sign has a tendency to certain aliments of sickness and disease, simply because childhood pains have a toxic effect on the whole body of being of past karmic debt.  This debt stimulates from past lives and present life time.

Medical astrology is only one aspect of healing.  There are literally tons of healing that can do more than treat, but actually cure aliments, diseases, so on and so forth.  I think a medical intuitive is really fascinating, it is my list of things to learn.  In the mean time I am a Master life coach, among many other certs and such.

Learning is absolutely fascinating to me when my teacher is nature.  Nature stimulates from the origins of cosmic consciousness.

Each astrology sign is karmic debt in this life time.  Each astrology sign has an archetype.  Each archetype is the negative side of self.  The negative side of self is the emotional body of being of past life times of childhood pain.  Each archetype is tough love of lessons to learn in this life time, of how to love self in present lifetime.

Each astrology sign has one lesson to learn and one lesson to teach in each life time.  Those 2 lessons are the prime reason for purpose in this life time.  Till one truly understands self, self will never really understand others, because self does not understand self.

Healing is a 2 way street.  Universal law states one of many laws, such as cause and effect.  Become a boom a rang of the loves you deserve.

If you want love and respect, etc. you then must be love and respect.  Your cosmic pattern of human behavioral pattern is a pattern of a worn path of patterns.  Change mind set and your world will change.

The universal laws state – if you so choose to stay on your path of life, chi will change that.  In the blink of an eye your world changes through the negative side of life, simply because you are in a worn path of patterns.  Beating a path to dead is the same as beating your head against the wall, you will receive a migraine.  Migraines hurt, so why give yourself one, makes no sense to me what so ever.

Baby steps, change patterns 1 at a time of what you want to be different.  Took time to make a pattern, takes time for it to stick and become a new pattern.

You choose your pattern and you choose your lifestyle.

What lifestyle floats your boat?


The Heart


The heart is the treasure of knowledge once forgotten.

When consciousness is open to receiving and giving, it is because the heart knows what is love. It is the human that has to learn to open the bridge between the upper and lower self called the heart. Learn to understand that every situation is the door to possibilities of personal growth. Personal growth helps the heart reconnect one’s own destiny.

Part of one’s destiny is to understand how human pain can help a person grow in personal growth. To stay in the moment of defined chi through one’s own emotion is to create blockages. Staying in a human moment of emotion starts the world of chaos. For the simple fact that energy only knows one thing and that is movement. When a human is in a moment that lingers for too long, whether the moment is good or bad, energy on sees movement. Energy only sees movement, meaning that if a human emotion is standing still in the same energy then stagnation begins.

Stagnating energy can be toxic to a human being if the human beings energy stays the same. Moderation and simplification are keys to being centered and balanced. To be in negative energy too much or too long creates toxins. To be in positive energy too much or too long creates toxins. Energy only understands one thing and that is movement.

Movement is change, change of energies is the whole point of 3-D third dimension. Learn to understand why and what is the point of energies that come into your life, because everything happens for a reason. The reason is to learn to change. If you do not change the universe with change things for you.

Every single situation that comes into your life is for personal growth and to understand why change is being presented to you. The change is called tough love from the universe. Learn to love change. If a person sees it any other way, then the universe will keep sending changes into your life until you learn your love lessons. They are called universal law.

Learn to love life and all it brings to you. The positive and negative are a part of you in every single way. Love life and life will love you. Change is your friend, embrace it, hold it, and then let it go.

Welcome change and change will welcome you. Love change and change will love you. Slow moments in time to a single moment and that moment is now. Center in tranquility and you will be centered and change will change within and project out. At that moment in time a ripple effect will take place and a boom a rang is birthed. You have now created a change of being. Be free to love yourself and the world will love you.

Light and Love