Flavors in Adventures

Flavors in adventures brings daily awareness.

Flavors are the likes, dislikes, ups, downs, and everything in between.  Flavors are what life presents to us on a daily basis. The adventures are mere experiences in life. Checking your flavors in your adventures brings awareness.

Changing negative words to positive words is the first step in awareness.   The key – do you really want to change any aspect in your life. Learning to love change is different than acceptance.  Flavors are mere attitudes of what we perceive life to be.

The Infinity of Infinite Self


Moon Phase 4/19/2017

We have two different types of sciences to choose from.  Depending upon which science is helping in personal growth is the path we choose.

  1. Esoteric science – started at the beginning of humanity.
  2. Modern science – started in the 19th century.

Every day is a new day and new way in personal growth.  We choose which path to create personal growth. Our own thoughts create our own actions.

Today I’m choosing the phases of the moon. Moon Phase

Depending upon where we want our energy directed in life, it is under the influence of moon phases. Esoteric science knows that energy is directed by our own forces; in our own thoughts.

  1. Full moon to new moon – Waning moon / dark energy
  2. New moon to full moon – Waxing moon / light energy

Until the modern baby science catches up to what Esoteric science already knows, Esoteric science will always be in the knowing and modern science will be in the intellect.

The infinity of Infinite Self

I have been working on a project for a couple of weeks now and wanted to help it in a different direction. According to the phase of the moon I must wait until a new moon exist. The new moon shows on April 25th.

Basically when it comes to the luck of chance it always starts with a new moon and ends at the full moon.  That goes for contracts, lottery, etc.


What is My Purpose? Serving a Purpose

Everyone has at one time or another in their life, asked the question – Why Am I Here? Remember the only thing in this life, in 3D 3rd dimension; is that the only thing that is inevitable is change.

Just change – Why Am I Here to What Is My Purpose.  When anything happens in life, most ask – Why Me.  I learned to change that to – What Am I To Learn from This.

From the beginning of a human’s life, they feel they must serve a purpose.  But, yet they are at a loss of where to begin.  Some believe to serve a parent, to make them happy and proud of their offspring, is serving a purpose.  Some believe to serve the community, with their job is taking care of their family, is serving a purpose.  The list goes on and on of what a human defines as serving a purpose.

Always ask yourself – What is the point and What is the purpose.  Does the purpose create the same lifestyle, or belief system, or ??  The same thought pattern will create the same results (Universal Law of Cause and Effect).

If you choose to have a different outcome, then you have to change your thought patterns.

Each and every single species on planet earth has a purpose.  Planet earth is 3D 3rd dimension in physical form of the human 5 senses.  The higher sense is the higher sense of self.  The higher sense of the human 5 senses at a higher level creates the 6th sense.  When a human’s vibrational level is in the 6th sense awareness begins the cycle of completeness. The completeness of purpose is to be in the core of being.

The core of being is broken down in my book, The Infinity of Infinite Self.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day.

Unispical aka The Metaphysician



Present moment – must shed emotional baggage first.

I find it is absolutely amazing and a must to leave the past behind, where it belongs and understand the present moment for what it is and not what we assume it to be. The past is a security blanket for all those afraid to live in present moment, in the world of possibilities. If you ever want to lose weight, shed the emotional baggage first.

The Infinity of Infinite Self



Power is Faith – Faith is Power

book cover

Power is Faith – Faith is Power

Self Love  starts with self respect, self worth, self esteem, which comes from morals, values, and ethics.

Having faith in self creates power and you create your world in self worth.  Having faith in self creates power in self.  IN – in 3D 3rd dimension in earths physical realm of the human 5 senses – In the moment – In the emotion.

No Faith, No Power, No Change.  Always be truthful to self, because self always knows the truth.  To lie to self will create a change in the karmic path of past, in order to recreate in present moment.

To believe in self is to create faith which creates power.  In each life time there is one lesson to learn and one lesson to teach.  To teach is easy to learn in 3D 3rd dimension is called tough love.  It is hard to learn more than teach in every adventure in life.

The Infinity of Infinite Self


The auric zone vibrates at different frequency levels.

Each astrology sign makes up the micro in the macro of world astrology. Each one has its negative a positive vibration. Same as in a numerology chart per person, it is the micro in the macro of negative and positive vibrations. Then you take the 2 astrology and numerology which then creates a whole other vibration. Each new vibration then creates a color which is the auric that illuminates from the chakras.  This is only one avenue of vibrations.

Another avenue of vibrations is the archetypes, which is the negative side of self, which began in a past life brought forward in this life time of unfinished business.

The 3rd level of vibration would be the human behavioral pattern that is created in a culture that creates subcultures.  Each culture has a click.  Which are groups of age, or lifestyle, or rituals such as Christmas etc.  The behavioral patterns create vibrations of positive and negative.

Each vibration of positive and/or negative create a color.  The color is the auric zone.  The auric zone vibrates at different frequency levels.

More information can be found –

Fustik Vibrations Create Infinite Self

The Infinity of Infinite Self


Welcome to the land of possibilities

Welcome to the land of possibilities.

When there is a will there is a way.  The “will” is basically hope, faith, and endless possibilities of inspirations. Inspiration comes in small packages.  “IN”, in 3D 3rd dimension IN earths physical realm of the human 5 senses, IN the emotion, IN the moment is choice.

Be the solution instead of the problem. To inspire is in-spirit. To inspire anyone or anything is first to inspire self.  There is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow it is only today that counts in personal growth.

Choice – as I grew up I would ask my mom tons of times how to spell something and she got tired of answering.  Then she started saying, “go look it up in the dictionary”.  Finally, to me and the unabridged dictionary became great friends.  That sucker must weigh about 8 or 10 pounds hahaha!!  My mom was always grading my papers by circling words with red pen!! Even letters I wrote to her personally, then she would mail them back to me.

Those moments of choice were for me to choose personal growth.  Of course, for every human is to go through the emotion, which is human nature’s way of growing; which is a human behavioral pattern.  Each pattern creates a holographical vibration.  Each holographical vibration creates karmic credit or debt.

Karmic credit or karmic debt is the choice in the land of discovery.  The discovery of choice of what one likes or dislikes, is just a matter of choosing one’s own flavor. After 18 years of college my flavor of choice is simple.  It is the land of verbiage.  Verbiage is verbal garbage.  What is correct in one’s own language it just a matter of linguistics.  However, if a word is combo of more than one linguistics in one sentence it creates a new category of information.   Which creates a new flavor of holographical vibrations, which then creates new karmic credit or debts.  I love how that works out :-).

As the years went on I basically wanted to be a writer since I was in my early 20’s.  In 18 years of college I basically choose my own degrees which has nothing to do with either secular or non-secular education.  Cool thing was I never went to high school, because I did not believe in the teachings as presently taught.  Cool thing is I choose my own life path and my first college degree is an AA in behavioral science/Anthropology.  Human cultures are absolutely fascinating to me.

American culture of etiquette in linguistics to me is simply a matter of choice to follow policy and procedure, rules and regulations.  Which as we all know is secular education.  Of course that secular education is great for some, but I would rather choose for me personally.  Because, it is my choice to choice my flavors in life.

My flavors are very different in many ways, because it is more open to possibilities.  One of those possibilities was when I published my first book a couple of years ago.  I had my mother read it before I published it.  As usual most people just say, “WOW”.  It is pretty simple, because when they read it they are amazed of the senses that have never been opened in the mind, until they read my book.  As my mother describes it, it was like a pinball ball machine in the mind. The ball would roll around and a click would sound.  It’s kind of like neurons firing in the brain.

The human brain has many possibilities for advancement within the realms of 3D 3rd dimension and beyond.  We all have a choice in what flavors we choose in life.  I choose research for personal growth in my own way.  My first book was 30 years of research,  The Infinity of Infinite Self.  My second book published this year was for fun Frackmicology 5N1Frackmicology 5N1.  My first book is basically a spiritual book, of a journey in 30 years of research.  My second book was also a spiritual journey of a level others tell me to bring it down to earth.  As soon as I finish publishing the 3rd album this weekend for the second book, then I will begin the research for the next book.

Once the 3rd album is published it will then begin time for the audio book of Frackmicology 5N1.  While I am working on the audio book it will give me the chance to work on my 3rd book. The 3rd book will be totally different then the first two books. The books for me are the land of possibilities. Possibilities are the land of growth in personal growth and to be a better person than I was the day before.  New day new way.  Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.

My mother always tells me, “why do you always take the hard road in life”, my reply, “it’s more fun that way, because I discover more different ways then others have yet to reach”. First rule – change every negative word in one’s own vocabulary from negative to positive.  Takes time to grow in personal growth.

If I ever choose to be an advocate in life I choose personal growth first, foremost, and always.  Personal growth starts with opening the heart which opens the mind.  The heart has a mind of its own.  Be true to one’s own self always.  Being true to one’s own self is following one’s own heart.  An open heart creates the land of possibilities each and every day.




Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

The human race really baffles my mind sometimes.  I just shake my head in a back and forth fashion and think to myself, ‘They know not what they do, because karma is a BIT**, and she will slap them in the face for what they have created for themselves’.

Introvert – What the world has done to me [what I have done to myself].  Extrovert – What I have done to the world [what I have done to myself].

A parent teaches love to a child what they have learned [conditional love].  A child receives love what they have learned [conditional love].  Every single experience/adventure is a lesson to learn in the love wave.  The love wave is the emotional body having an adventure.  Choice is then learning to ask – What am I to learn from this adventure?  You answering that question is conditional love from emotions [emotional body]. You letting the universe answer that question will come in the sign of symbols.  Symbols such as a butterfly – means let it go, etc.   To hold on to an emotion is the same thing as karmic baggage of karmic debt.

Tough love is receiving the same lesson over and over again until self learns why the lesson keeps happening.  It takes 2 weeks for change to happen.  2 weeks a person’s mind will resist change.  To change anything in life is to first change self in learning how to ask the correct questions.

Change is extremely hard for many.  Just remember everything in life comes in baby steps.

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