From an elder passed down for a future generation

Every experience in life is simply an adventure.  It is the emotions we attach to the adventure that creates memories.  The mind only sees images and the emotions fill in the spaces to create attachments that create memories.  The memories are simply the holographic world and the emotional attachments make it real, as if you could actually almost touch it.

Pretty simple, think before acting is pretty much what we were taught in like second grade elementary school.  Seems as though many choose to forget the etiquette of the basic rules for human behavior within a society.

When I was young my mother told me, “We will always love someone just not what they do”.  I’m guessing, at the time I must have done something bad and it was a form of discipline she was trying to emphasis upon me. Another quote that my mother told me when I was young, “It’s not what you say to a person that they remember, it’s how you make them feel is what they remember”.  Another really good one, “What you do not like in others, is what you yourself do.”

It is the little things in life that create intellect that are from elders and are passed down for future generations.  Intellect – Man-made concepts (learned human behavioral patterns) / Knowledge – from past lives into each life time.  Love or Fear

However, in the terms of 3D 3rd dimension, in earth’s physical realm, in the human 5 senses is in the moment, in the emotion, and creates the 4 quadrants – mind/body/emotion/spirit.  The 4 quadrants create the core = core of being/1.  quadrants/4 + self/1 = soul/5.  4 + 1 = 5.  5D 5th dimension is the soul.  The spirit collects the information and when a human being passes from the physical realm of 3D 3rd dimension, the information is then passed onto the soul.  The soul is the way station that holds all the information.  As the human being is then reincarnated, the information is then passed on to the new spirit, in which then the game of life begins again.

The way station is the soul that holds the information in the holographic world, called “The Holographical Umbilical Cord”.

Keep in mind all thoughts are actions, a physical action is an action, and both actions create karma in the life time that you are presently in.  In this life time my mother gave sound advice at the time it was needed as I was growing.  But, I’m very lucky to have had sound advice at the same time an insatiable curiosity for life.

When anyone takes the moments to stop and think before actions, it will then reiterate awareness.  Awareness does create every experience in life that is simply an adventure.

A sense of humor

A certain type of energy pops up and it is a sign of change.  This energy comes from nature which is the universe.  Nature is the element of natural.  Natural comes from the energies that contain past, present and future life of each species on planet earth in 3d 3rd dimension.

For example – Where does a sense of humor come from?  2 studies show it is natural, you are born with it.

Okay now flip the switch back (frame of mind).  Carl Jung was the understudy of Sigmund Freud.  Freud famous world known German psychologist was very well-known for his pyramid.  He is the forefather of mapping out the brain in psychology.

Carl Jung a colleague of Freud, stated there is more to the human personality.  He then coined the concept – Archetype.  The archetype is the negative side of self.  It is moments in time where a person is stuck emotionally in moments of childhood.  That is why we have so many people today, that are still children in adult bodies.  They have not learned to emotional move on.  That creates blockage, which is a form of toxin.

Okay now jump forward from past, to present, and to future.  To change a human behavioral pattern that one has created for their own self, is through changing frame of thought.  A negative personality is an introvert – what the world has done to me.  A positive personality is an extrovert – what I have done to the world.

To change thought pattern is to understand how it began and where it came from, what is the root core of a particular energy?

World astrology is kind of like a predetermine personality in 3D 3rd dimension.  It’s like a blue print of energy.  It is your purpose from one dimension to the next.

For example – I am a Gemini.  Purpose to teach that love is awareness and to learn that love is feeling.  Tough love teaches and we learn from tough love.  It is a predisposed connection of collective energies.

For example – There are 4 astrology signs in western astrology.  Each element has 3 different astrology signs, the upper, the lower, and the middle.  Same as Freud’s pyramid, but on a different level in a different dimension.

This is only one example of the infinite possibilities in correlation to sense of humor.  It is a predetermined gene brought into this life time, through a pre-contract.  Pre-contracts are contracts between souls.  When a soul is transformed (reincarnated) into a spirit, it will then play out in the game of life the lessons to learn and to teach, in 3D 3rd dimension.


Open to change and you change your world

All time changes.  Changes begin inside self than illuminate outside of self.  The energy inside of self is spirit that is guiding you to go with the flow of change.

The only thing is life that is inevitable is change.  Change is a great thing in 3d 3rd dimension because, it creates the land of possibilities.

In life I choose this over that or I prefer this or that.  It’s all about the simplification and moderation.  Nature brings the symbologies and metaphors, as signs for us to change.  Pay attention and be aware of the signs.  The signs are all around. The signs come from your spirit that tells you it is time for a change.

Listen to your spirit because, you spirit is your spirit guide.  Your spirit is your higher self.  The spirit is higher than the subconscious.  The subconscious contains parts of the archetypes of self.

New day, new way, open mind to let possibilities in.  Change is your friend.

Life really is a super cool place to hang out 😉  Sure everybody has their ups and downs.  In 3d 3rd dimension everything that goes up must come down, attachment to earth physical force of energy.

In the higher state of awareness, in the astro plane – everything that goes down must come up.  Simple – it’s the opposite of perception in man-made concepts.

For example – when I sketch it is upside down instead of right side up. 1 + 2 = 3. 1) Knowing what you want, 2) Path traveled to get what you want, 3) End result of what you want.  We always get what we want, but not how we want it, because we really didn’t know what we wanted in the first place.

When human is in charge of ones own destiny, is when one is so focused on step 1 & step 3.  The change comes with step 2. Step 1 is past, step 3 is future, step 2 is the present moment.

Pay attention to the signs that nature brings you, it is the path to your destiny, it is the present moment.  Change is in present moment.

Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you deserve.  I learned to love change.  Change is letting energy bring the loves to you that self deserves, when self is open to loving self.

I flipped the switch this year.  I know when it is time for change. I go into meditation with a purpose, always.  When I go into meditation I communicate with my spirit guides for guidance.  My life has changed immensely this year.  I learned that my spirit is in charge and I am along for the ride called life.  This is my first year communicating with my spirits and things happen instantly, it is truly the most amazing thing that anyone could ever begin to comprehend.

The first time I saw my own aura I was beyond amazement.  Then I began to see the auras in trees, pictures, animals, people, etc. It is absolutely the most fantastic thing I have ever seen in my life.

Find your spot that brings moments in silence.

First we pray, then we meditate, and then we communicate.


Spirit in 3 funnels

I draw and paint the details, kind of like the pin heads of pixels.  It is just natural.  I see the inside out of everything.  These are called gifts.  Natural gifts are a spirits way of communicating your own energy and presenting it outside of self.

I hear the tones that are natural and un-natural which then brings me the colors to paint the pictures.

Just uploaded spirit in 3 funnels on

Life is super cool when your own spirit is in the drivers seat and you get to sit back and enjoy the ride. 😉

Spreading smiles and much love.


Time Warp

I paint the fabrics of life.

As I paint the scene floating objects, it is basically a time warp the spirit goes through.

I need certain types of tones from music, to bring a certain color to me.  To weave the colors are tones.  If I’m painting dark colors the music is heavy, such as the beats are hard.

If painting a rainbow I use soft and hard music to bring the vibrations of rhythm to surface.

I am painting light colors in this scene, so that means soft music.

Working on scene for floating objects.  A time warp.
Working on scene for floating objects. A time warp.

Vibrations Create Obscurities

It’s the random vibration that creates obscurities. Find the focal point to follow the path.

Obscurities are the fabric of life, which are the fractals (tentacals). Finding the focal point is ones own path of destiny.

The obscurities are the obstacles we create within our own thoughts.  If we focus on the negative we will then receive the negative in life.  Finding one’s own path of destiny is through the soul purpose.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

Learning to listen to one’s own spirit, which is the higher form of self, will bring self back onto the path of destiny.  The destiny in learning how to love self, through love lessons, is called tough love.  It’s tough learning how to reconnect mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – self love.

Release the obscurities, through letting it be free, release it.  To release it is through learning to love self.