Full circle to home

Greetings, life has a funny way of making circles. Each path in life is a circle. We change through the process of following that leads us in the path we need to go. Eventually we end up where we started, simple because our hearts tell us this is where we need to go.

The circle contains fractals and these are the things in life that take us off our path. Eventually our hearts lead us to our destination, which we call home. Home is where the heart is.

When our heart and mind connect as one, then we are growing as a whole being. To become a whole being takes one or more life times.

We all have 1 lesson to learn and 1 lesson to teach in each life time. It is much easier to teach than to learn. Always remember that life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it. You choose how you will handle each moment in you life. Because this will determine your karma.

You choose thought before action and thought is still an action. It’s what you do with thoughts that create emotion. Only you control your emotion. That is your privaliage and your right in becoming a whole being.

With each passing moment in life, it will bring you towards full circle. When this time comes it is when you give gradituted to yourself and your higher being. Because, you are saying thank you for giving me experiences to grow and reach my higher potential.

Blessings to you

Personal Growth – CV vs Resume

CV vs Resume

Throughout my college career and yes 18 years of college is a career. I took 10 years of testing, what I liked, what was compatible for my personality, and the list goes on and on. I learned to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions.

During my research, I discovered after a BA or BS, you are pretty much shooting for an academic career, in the educational field. One really great place to start is Bureau of Labor Statistics. Basically, it is like your bible on careers, while you are in college.

One of the many questions that I asked, was about CE (continuing education). I do have to have CE every year for my job in the state I live in. As with any higher professions, there is always CE’s. Since I set up my own educational plan, because there is not one in the government educational system for what I wanted to do; to teach in a different way. To open my own school, that is private education, I have to keep on my CE’s.

Part of CE’s is knowing the difference between a CV and a Resume. Remember, selling yourself short is less on you CV. Basically, now I’m having a refresher course, I still have my books on, Financial Planning Specialist. As the saying goes, you don’t use something in life, you will lose it. It is the wonderful world of memory.

As we age, our memories start to fade, but this can slow down when we keep our minds on what is important to us.

I have always believed, there is no such thing as yesterday, nor tomorrow, it is only today that counts. What have we done to improve upon in our lives just for today. Each day is baby steps, to climb whatever obstacles that we have created, with our own minds.

Remember, the cells in our own bodies have memory. We create the energy that is carried in the cells, in our own bodies. This is the wonderful world of 3D 3rd dimension, in the physical realm of earths 5 senses.

Be good to yourself. Create your CV so you can be proud of yourself, for your own self. Create memories in your cells, in your own body, that will be carried into your next life time.



The Healthy Ego

To learn to love self is a hard road, however when we begin to learn who we (self) are, is when the doors in consciousness open with new awareness.

The Healthy Ego

To attain this confident state, you must evaluate yourself and understand your ego.  This requires self-observation; you must look at yourself with laser vision.  Then, when you know who you are, your development as a “human becoming’ is set in motion.

Transactional analysis transcribes Freud’s three categories of human consciousness – id, ego, and superego – into the child, the adult, and the parent.  I use three corresponding classifications to describe the personality; the basic self, the mind, and the soul.

The ego I’m discussing here is twofold.  The healthy ego combines all three parts of consciousness.  It is powerful because it is connected to your soul, which is a wiser part of you that gives you the detachment necessary to handle your emotions and express yourself in a positive way.

The other, unhealthy ego is a dysfunctional combination of id (the child) and ego.  It is the part of you that is emotionally immature and reactive, born of fear that sets up self-imposed limitations.  The unhealthy ego gives rise to ego blockage.

By Diane Eichenbaum, author of Soul Signs

Change through Reflection

Change through reflection

Change is but change within a change.  To change anything is to change core of being in a different direction or a different path.

When self changes the world changes – inside and outside of self, because perception has changed.

Reflection – is to reflect where one has been (past), where one is (present), and where one wants to be (future).  It’s a 3 n 1 combo 🙂  It is all of self on different levels of self.

Reflection is a daily must!  The time you choose is your choice and only you can choose. Reflection changes dreams.  The dream world is a waking world that reflects the waking part of life.  We constantly live in 2 worlds – dream state of being and waking (real as some would call it) state of being.

Reflection comes in the quite mind – still mind in moments.

I listen to music and reflect.  For example:

“From the infinite source, I want to find an effective method for me to set significant goals to program my higher mind that allows me to remain focused to ensure success, with harm to no one”.


I find it very strange when people go straight for the negative.

I find it very strange when people go straight for the negative.

You see so many advertisements and we are bombarded with negative.  It’s kind of like smothering someone and they don’t even know they are being smothered.

Oh try this or do that, as if the person has not already tried this or that.  It’s really amazing that many medical doctors are subconsciously taught in medical school to look for the negative. You can read about this in many healing books.  Basically they are taught to find the negative, in order to do their job.

Basically they are a specialist in their own right.  Same with a pharmaceutical company.

If a person is bombarded with negatives again and again, eventually that person will then gain a negative.  Due to the fact of dwelling.  If a person is bombard with positive again and again, eventually that person will gain positive.  It took time to gain a disease (dis-ease mind/body/emotion), it will take time to release a disease.

Any type of healing has a history.  Years ago when I worked at the law office with my mother, basically a law suit was filed against Phen Phen.  Pharmaceutical companies are tied in with doctors.  A few prescriptions have a 2 year span.  Basically within 2 years many side effects pop up.  Hey guess what, it’s’ another ticket to the doctor 😉

Paying attention and being more mindful of the signs that come into your life, will determine if you enjoy collecting negative or positive.  To change from one to the other, it only depends upon you.  You get to choose what you find is important to dwell in.  Same thought pattern only keeps self in same path, that eventually gets beatn down, and one feels bombarded with no choices.

We were all born with a birth right called free will.  We choose what we want to experience in life.  To me I find it extremely redundantly boring to dwell, because there is way too much life to live and way too much fun to have.

If you find you are having a crappy day, do you hang out there? Is it fun? do you enjoy it?  Or do you flip the switch?  The switch is within your own subconscious of being mindful.

There are many different avenues of healing.  I prefer someone that has a degree in medical astrology combine with medical intuitive and is a psychic, or medium or any natural born gifts, plus a herbalist.  In medical astrology it has a long history that correlates with anatomy and physiology, same as a medical intuitive.  A person that has that type of knowledge is definitely into healing, for the sake of healing.

Sure I have caught a few cancers and have thyroid disease, but do I hang there and dwell, of course not, that would bore me to death 🙂  Basically when something keeps popping up in your face, ears, eyes, etc. Do you just say hey that’s life, or do you take charge and change it?

When anything redundantly pops up again and again, it is history repeating it’s self to you.  You see the sign and ask the question, What am I to learn from this?  If you answer,then you have not learned what you were meant to learn.  You do not answer, the universe brings to you the answer in the form of energy.  It is your job to dispher the information.   It is called work and tough love.  You will learn through tough love of how to love your self.  The messages are for you and you only.

When you understand that the past life gene, is the knowledge brought forth into this life time in the form of lessons.  I have friends that basically I see and feel their pain.   They do not tell me they are in pain.  I will touch with my hands their shoulder or what ever body part hurts and I apply pressure to the toxin.  Then they ask how did you know?  I just say I see it.  I see and feel pain through my 3rd eye chakra, because I am an indigo, empath and psychic, among many other things.  Some day I hope to find the time to learn anatomy and physiology.

Find your natural born traits, hone in on them and perfect that skill.  Which in turn you will be helping you and others.  The more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity,

That’s what I do. I teach to reconnect mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – Self Love.  Bring up self-esteem, self-worth, then you will bring up self-love, and connect slowly.  It takes time to connect you to you.


Vibrations Create Obscurities

It’s the random vibration that creates obscurities. Find the focal point to follow the path.

Obscurities are the fabric of life, which are the fractals (tentacals). Finding the focal point is ones own path of destiny.

The obscurities are the obstacles we create within our own thoughts.  If we focus on the negative we will then receive the negative in life.  Finding one’s own path of destiny is through the soul purpose.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

Learning to listen to one’s own spirit, which is the higher form of self, will bring self back onto the path of destiny.  The destiny in learning how to love self, through love lessons, is called tough love.  It’s tough learning how to reconnect mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – self love.

Release the obscurities, through letting it be free, release it.  To release it is through learning to love self.


Lessons of Love

Red – Anger

Blue – Calmness

Learning to understand self is learning the layers of self.  I find that humans tend to think too much which thus adds complexity in their lives.  When we say I just don’t understand him/her it is because we first must learn to understand self before we can ever understand self.  When we look into a mirror we are looking at our own reflection, thus we are looking at our own self.  When we look at another person, it is the same exact thing.  It is 1 soul living many life times simultaneously.

Life is easy if we let it and hard if we make it.  Life is easy when we flow with our rhythmic nature.  When we let our rhythmic beat of vibration flow freely, we are in harmony with self.  This is our destiny.  When we stop flowing freely with our rhythmic vibrational beat and go against our own rhythmic vibrational beat we thus make life hard for self.  This is our fate.

Life is school and the universe is our university.  That means when we have lessons to learn they are one of the many layers of love we are to learn in this life time.  The universe will send us our lessons through the universal law for us to learn these lessons of love.  When we don’t learn our lessons of love we get a chance to do them over and over again until we get it.  When we have to keep relearning our lessons of love, which is a level of learning to love self, it is called karma.  There are infinite lessons of love and karma teaches us how to learn to love our selves.


There are 12 basic levels of love.  To find the answers we must learn to ask the right questions in order to receive the right answers.  The keys are the questions; the doors are the answers within consciousness.  There are infinite levels of love that reside within the infinite layers within self.  It is the in between the between self.  To go into the layers of self is a process of first paying attention, and then we are aware, thus we become awake, which begets enlightenment.


To reach enlightenment self is in the knowing.  The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.   Each level of love is a lesson from spirit for the human to teach love and learn love.  When a human attaches an emotion to an experience this is a lesson the human is to learn.  When we are angry it is the emotion from the emotional body.  Human beings have 4 bodies. 1. The Mental body, 2. The Physical body, 3. The Emotional Body, 4. The Spirit Body.  Emotions create vibrations that create holographic colors called auras.  The emotion of anger creates the vibrational holographic color of red when a human is mad, angry, etc.  When the human has learned that the anger is negative/shadow side of self, one collects the emotions which layer on top of previous emotions within self. When self learns how to learn the process of changing that holographic vibrational color of red, into the vibrational auric color of blue, then calmness begins to resonate within self.


To learn the levels of love within consciousness is to learn each level within infinite self.  It all begins with baby steps of paying attention and learning to be mindful of what self does to self within many layers of self.


Seek, find, conquer, and move on.  We seek with the right questions.  We will find the right answers.  We conquer our fear and turn it into love.  Then we move on, because we have learned that level of love.  We have thus relearned and we are reminded what we already know, and have always known, we are then in the knowing.  This knowing is the internal knowing of love, the love of self on all levels of love.


We are all 1 love, 1 truth, 1 self that lives within infinite self.


Light and Love 



Connection of self

Fractal Organization vs. Top-Down Hierarchies

The rational mind rationalizes everything.  The rational mind has learned through behavioral patterns of learned intellect.  Learned intellect is a teaching tool, that outside of self has taught self.

Outside of self are others.  Outside of self is taught in time/space and mass/matter to understand the 3-D third dimension.  Outside of self has taught self to rationalize and put into perspective the tangible objects that exist in the 3-D third dimension.
When self relates to tangible objects, self attached an emotion to the tangible object.  First is a thought, that beget an emotion, that begets a blockage/toxin that begets a dis-ease within self.
When self remembers and relearn the difference between intellect and knowing, only than will self understand that the intangible is the true self.  To rationalize the intangible is beyond human intellect.
The intangible ceases to exist in time/space and mass/matter because it goes beyond 3-D third dimension.
Learning the levels of self, that is the in between the between, is where true self is.  Thus the rational mind is a form of intellect that teaches self-control.  Controlling self is detrimental to self.  Controlling and containing self is energy that builds into toxins.  Those toxins are life formed inside of self due to control.
Toxins are ailments which are foreign to self.  Those toxins take on manifestations within self such as cancer, and other bodily effects, because the body is rebelling control.  Another toxin is a belief system.  A belief system is determined through ones own perception.
A belief system in tangible items such as labels, like war, politics, economic status, etc. are all labels that self attached an emotion to.  When emotion is attached it is a form of control.  The ego is controlling the outside of self with belief systems.
When the ego can not control outside of self, the ego will begin to manifest a belief system.  That belief system will take on a life energy.  That energy is in competition with the ego and thus a war begins.  The war between self’s ego and true self.  When the ego is losing the control a belief system begins to dominate inside of self.  Thus a new belief system opens.
The new belief system becomes the dominating force that will formulate punishment.  That punishment is an intangible thought that comes alive.  Thus ones true self begins to shrink and the ego is taking over.  The manifestation grows and gains strength.  When that manifestation of belief system is so strong it will take on the life of the negative.
The negative is believing that self is not worthy of self.  Thus it could get to the point of cancer, suicide, and a many host of toxins.

Learning simplification and moderation is the first steps to releasing negative self.  Control in moderation and defining the levels of control can be implemented when one learns who the true self is.  Learning about self starts with baby steps.Learning that control is denying self.  Learn to reconnect with self is the best gift of love that one can give to self.  When one begins to learn how to understand self, then self will begin that the rational mind of beliefs is only a thought that has changed self.

Remembering who self is begins with remembering knowing.  Self knows self, intellect separates self from self due to a belief system that is separate from truth. True self only knows truth that comes from the in between of the between of self.  The in between of the between of self is the neutral/void.

Living in a belief system of positive and negative is the 3-D third dimension of tangible and intangible objects.  To live in true self is the truth of the neutral/void and choosing which life to live.  The neutral/void is one moment in time we choose which direction to send our own energy.  We choose to send our own energy to positive or negative unless we live in the neutral/void.

Remembering and relearning who self is, is the beginning of reconnecting self with self.

Light and Love

4 categories

The land of science has 4 categories there is time/space & mass/matter.  The land of nature has 4 categories earth/air/fire/water.  When we take each of these 4 categories & combined them they produce the 3rd dimension of the physical plane.

Human perception is limited to the 3rd dimension.  To understand quantum physics is through the intellect of science of the 5 senses.  Beyond human perception of understanding is in the realms of cosmic consciousness.  Cosmic consciousness is the in the realms of the astro plane.

To understand the astro plane we must understand self.  To understand self is self awareness.  When we are aware of external sources of self we perceive it through our 5 senses.

When a person loses one of their senses another sense kicks up to a heightened sense which is a heightened awareness.  Such as a higher sense of smelling, tasting, touching, seeing, and hearing.  To believe in negative, that what is happening to self, in a higher sense creates blockages.  When blockages a cure in our selves, our own being, we deny self from self.

Denying self from self creates soul blockages upon the karmic wheel of infinity.  To only stay in perception of 4 categories is denying self from self.  Self awareness surpasses 4 categories and into cosmic consciousness.  Human beings are beings with emotions.  Emotions play an intricate part in our being, our self.

Emotions are a perception that brings the 5 senses up or down.  Human beings attach emotions to the 4 categories.  Then they perceive if something is real or not.  Emotions can control a persons life if they so choose. However, when we are in control of our emotions our perception changes.  Our 5 senses go up which is the opposite of down.  Negative emotions are a down perception. Positive emotions are an up perception.  This is the dualistic 3rd dimension of the physical plane of human perception.

To perceive perception beyond human perception is past the physical plane of the 3rd dimension, and into the astro plane of cosmic consciousness.  Beyond human emotion, beyond the human 5 senses. Being in  the moment is being in the emotion. Being of the moment is being outside the emotion.  Limitation of only the 5 senses is closing self off and into a box.

Boxes come in many shapes and sizes when we understand geometry.  We must learn to see outside the box of perception, and into the realms of knowing.  The realms of intellect are man-made concepts through linguistics in order for human beings to understand their world and all it contains.

However, the realms of knowing are beyond man made concepts within perception of human intellect.  To understand knowing is pass the human 5 senses of 4 categories.  Knowing opens the world within self.  Knowing contains all past, present, and future.  A belief system only prohibits or denies self from self.  Knowing opens self into self.

Knowing begins with self love.  Knowing releases karmic debt from infinity.  It is very challenging to some and easy to others to understand self above the 4 categories.  To begin to understand self is finding the key to open the box of perception.

We feed our brains, we feed our bodies, we feed our emotions, but we sometimes forget to feed our spirit.  Our spirit gives us the inspiration to find a way through the box of perception and into cosmic consciousness.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.  When we listen to our spirit we know how to unlock the box of human perception, then we stop denying our selves of the love we have been missing.

Love is the scope beyond negative and positive perception.  Love is infinity. Love is the understanding that is played out within the experience of the human being.  Love is beyond the human 5 senses, it is in the knowing.

When humans can understand that love is past the 4 categories then the beginning of awareness begins.  Love through cosmic consciousness is awareness within self. Self Love

Light and Love