What is My Purpose? Serving a Purpose

Everyone has at one time or another in their life, asked the question – Why Am I Here? Remember the only thing in this life, in 3D 3rd dimension; is that the only thing that is inevitable is change.

Just change – Why Am I Here to What Is My Purpose.  When anything happens in life, most ask – Why Me.  I learned to change that to – What Am I To Learn from This.

From the beginning of a human’s life, they feel they must serve a purpose.  But, yet they are at a loss of where to begin.  Some believe to serve a parent, to make them happy and proud of their offspring, is serving a purpose.  Some believe to serve the community, with their job is taking care of their family, is serving a purpose.  The list goes on and on of what a human defines as serving a purpose.

Always ask yourself – What is the point and What is the purpose.  Does the purpose create the same lifestyle, or belief system, or ??  The same thought pattern will create the same results (Universal Law of Cause and Effect).

If you choose to have a different outcome, then you have to change your thought patterns.

Each and every single species on planet earth has a purpose.  Planet earth is 3D 3rd dimension in physical form of the human 5 senses.  The higher sense is the higher sense of self.  The higher sense of the human 5 senses at a higher level creates the 6th sense.  When a human’s vibrational level is in the 6th sense awareness begins the cycle of completeness. The completeness of purpose is to be in the core of being.

The core of being is broken down in my book, The Infinity of Infinite Self.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

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Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will

Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will.

Each millisecond we always have a choice in what life brings us.  The choice to give self or receive self.  This is called self love.  Do we help or hurt self? It is a choice only self can make.

In each culture around the world, we all have social norms. But, our choices create individuality. We all have a choice to go with the flow or we have a choice to stand out as an individual.  As many of us know, there are too many that choose to be in the fear of standing out. So, there are many that hide their own true gifts.

When a person hides their own true gifts, they are in turn hurting their own self. Time will in turn give us what we want, that is the nature of the universe, called Universal law. On the other hand, when a person chooses to be good to their own self and follow their own heart; they are creating karmic credit.  We can lie to others but we can never lie to our own self.

A person  can only love others when self has learned to love self. Do good and it comes back 10 times.

The Infinity of Infinite Self