One in the same

The colors of love are such a mystery same as Metaphysics.

They are one in the same.

The colors of love on the color spectrum beyond human eyes can see same as Metaphysics.

They are one in the same.

Life and death are one in the same, because death is a new birth, same as Metaphysics.

Humans are taught to fear what they do not know.

Which; then becomes a part of the human psych.

When someone is afraid, the first thing that comes to my mind is – “they know not what they do”.

To miss out on life is the same as missing out on the colors of life, same as missing out on Metaphysics.

Metaphysics to some is called the philosophy of life.  Metaphysics is technically a new name for the word love.

To love your self is to discover what you do not know about yourself same as Metaphysics.

They are one in the same.


Expansion of metaphor of self

I have said for many years, that life is based upon metaphors & symbology. The human conception of perception is based upon a metaphor & a symbol. To explain life in the dualistic 3rd dimension which comes from cosmic consciousness. When we transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness we explain life through a metaphor & a symbol. The quote I have taken from is taken from the book I am reading called “The origins of consciousness in the break-down of the bicameral mind”.

“There are thus always two terms in a metaphor, the thing to be described, which is called metaphrand, and the thing or relation used to elucidate it, which I shall call the metaphier. A meaphor is always a known metaphier operating on a less known metaphrand. I have coined these hybrid terms simply to echo multiplication where a multiplier operates on a multiplicand.The concepts of science are made of abstract concepts generated by concrete metaphors. In physics, we have force, acceleration (to increase one’s steps), inertia (originally an indolent person), impedance, resistance, fields, and now charm. In physiology, the metaphier of a machine has been at the very center of discovery. Medical practice is sometimes dictated by metaphor. In the eighteenth century, the heart in fever was like a boiling pot, and so bloodletting was prescribed to reduce its fuel. And even today, a great deal of medicine is based upon the military metaphor of defense of the body against attacks of this or that”.♥
It’s a beautiful day to ride the waves of cosmic consciousness.  Synchronizing infinite synergy into the simplicity of 1 love. <3
Life is easy if you let it & hard if you make it.  Life is Love, Love is Life.  Love is God, God is Love.
To transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness is to understand the multi-layers of self, within self.  It is the the in-between, between the void. The void is the expansion, that is the key. That is the self within self that replicates self.
Light and Love

Poem Pride

Life can be interesting as we all know,

it can be funny or sometimes even slow,

but if we stop and see, that life is what it was ment to be.

Strange and peculiar, in a funny kinda way.

It not only gave us what we asked for,

nothing less, nothing more.

So you see life is truly what it was ment to be.

All the pretty packages, that we call fun,

are only an illusion to some,

to others you see, fun is not always cracked up, as we may believe.

Cause there is one key ingredient, that some may have missed,

the connection between the obis.

The next time we think of fun,

don’t forget about that little one,

that maybe inside, behind the door,

that we call pride.

Cause you see,

pride is an illusion of what we were meant to be,

It gives us false hope, of feeling that we belong,

to something that is important,

of days that are gone.

But the child inside us all,

is still waiting behind the door,

thats in our mind forever more.

That said you forgot about me,

in my time of need.

The child you see,

is the creative imagination of innovation.

That wants to come out and play,

to live life to the fullest, in each and every way,

by creating love in a very special way.

Love is not just for some, but for all.

who can see past a judgement call,

of a simple little word called pride.

Release it now and let it be free,

because you see that is not what we were meant to be.

Light and Love