Metaphysics to me is pure energy

Metaphysics to me is pure energy. Pure energy is holographic energy which is the Holographical Umbilical Cord.

The Holographical Umbilical Cord holds the particles of energy in 3D 3rd dimension.  It all starts from different levels of love and recycles infinity.

Love or Fear

Perception births the faith of love or fear. Fear is an illusion pertaining to the human intellect that can be overcome by learning lessons of love. Stepping inside boundless dimensions expands perception into higher levels of awareness and transcends the transparency of love into spiritual worlds; while dissipating fear and igniting love. We must step back in time to truly understand what it is meant by fear or love. To understand fear or love we must understand and be aware of human perception. Human perception is unique no two perceptions are identical not even twins have the same perception. Perception that is birthed from the human mind can take us into a wonderful world of beauty that creates love or it can take us into the nightmare of darkness that creates fear.


What is My Purpose? Serving a Purpose

Everyone has at one time or another in their life, asked the question – Why Am I Here? Remember the only thing in this life, in 3D 3rd dimension; is that the only thing that is inevitable is change.

Just change – Why Am I Here to What Is My Purpose.  When anything happens in life, most ask – Why Me.  I learned to change that to – What Am I To Learn from This.

From the beginning of a human’s life, they feel they must serve a purpose.  But, yet they are at a loss of where to begin.  Some believe to serve a parent, to make them happy and proud of their offspring, is serving a purpose.  Some believe to serve the community, with their job is taking care of their family, is serving a purpose.  The list goes on and on of what a human defines as serving a purpose.

Always ask yourself – What is the point and What is the purpose.  Does the purpose create the same lifestyle, or belief system, or ??  The same thought pattern will create the same results (Universal Law of Cause and Effect).

If you choose to have a different outcome, then you have to change your thought patterns.

Each and every single species on planet earth has a purpose.  Planet earth is 3D 3rd dimension in physical form of the human 5 senses.  The higher sense is the higher sense of self.  The higher sense of the human 5 senses at a higher level creates the 6th sense.  When a human’s vibrational level is in the 6th sense awareness begins the cycle of completeness. The completeness of purpose is to be in the core of being.

The core of being is broken down in my book, The Infinity of Infinite Self.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

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Unispical aka The Metaphysician



Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will

Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will.

Each millisecond we always have a choice in what life brings us.  The choice to give self or receive self.  This is called self love.  Do we help or hurt self? It is a choice only self can make.

In each culture around the world, we all have social norms. But, our choices create individuality. We all have a choice to go with the flow or we have a choice to stand out as an individual.  As many of us know, there are too many that choose to be in the fear of standing out. So, there are many that hide their own true gifts.

When a person hides their own true gifts, they are in turn hurting their own self. Time will in turn give us what we want, that is the nature of the universe, called Universal law. On the other hand, when a person chooses to be good to their own self and follow their own heart; they are creating karmic credit.  We can lie to others but we can never lie to our own self.

A person  can only love others when self has learned to love self. Do good and it comes back 10 times.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

Archetypes in world astrology

Once again I’m working on world astrology charts.  Part of the chart contains Archetypes of each Western astrology sign. Western astrology is the western part of the hemisphere of earth.   As we all know astrology starts within mythology, which is humans first written behavioral patterns of a belief system.  Within time each culture adopted their own religions with in a sub-culture of a culture.

Astrology charted the way for what is now called Astronomy.  However, in order to understand self in every facet of self, one must understand one’s own past in order to understand one’s present moment.  Each moment in time is created through one’s own archetype within one’s own interior landscape.

The archetype is the negative side of self if self doesn’t let the child inside come out to play.  Recognizing and understanding why one’s own archetype is part of self is the challenge of learning who self is.

Archetypes – Houses of the Natural Zodiac by Element and Keywords

1: Aries            Search for a Separate Identity

2: Taurus         Search for Value and Meaning

3: Gemini        Search for Variety

4: Cancer         Search for the Mother Goddess

5: Leo              Search for Being and Wholeness

6: Virgo           Search for Meaningful Service

7: Libra            Search for the Soul Mate

8: Scorpio        Search for The Transformation

9: Sagittarius   Search Wisdom

10: Capricorn  Search for Dharma

11: Aquarius    Search for the Holy Grail

12: Pisces        Search for the Castle of Peace

Opening the mind opens the consciousness within the eye (3rd eye/brow chakra).

From time to time I ask a simple question to different people.

From time to time I ask a simple question to different people.  It is interesting that 98% of the people answer no, while 2% answer yes.  Take into consideration your very first emotion will be your answer.

The question – If you knew what was going to happen would you really want to know? Take into consideration that everything happens simultaneously.  You will receive the good with the bad all in a split second.  Same as heaven – hell, black – white, etc. etc.

Keep in mind you live simultaneously in two worlds.  In your awake state of being is in this dimension; and your other self is in a parallel dimension in your dream state of being simultaneously.  Then when you are in your dream state of being your other self is in a parallel dimension in an awake state of being.

What ever adventures that enter your life that are good in your awake state of being, are the opposite for your other self in a parallel dimension, because the adventures are going bad. Vice versa – if the adventures that enter your life that are bad in your awake state of being, are the opposite for your other self in a parallel dimension, because the adventures are going good.

Now if you know you have been reincarnated and have knowledge from your past lives then you already know the answer to the question.

Have you wondered about the semantics of a thought?

Have you wondered about the semantics of a thought?  Have you ever been aware of the answers  that we have received; that come to (self) us in different forms from that thought?

Aware – above the human 5 senses and in the 6th sense; in 4d 4th dimension. 4 quadrants of understanding. Seek, Find, Conquer, and Move on.

A thought turns into an emotion, that begets an emotional attachment, which creates a blockage, and opens an ailment or sickness.

When we have created a thought which creates an action, it creates a new energy.  Depending upon the state of being within core of being,  it will direct the new energy into the challenges of daily life.  However, are we aware that we have created that energy of a different direction?

The energy of SFCM is a path that we (self) have brought into manifestation through transforming (changing) the direction by transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.

When we have a thought we are literally asking the universe a question.  The universe always answers.  The form of the answer may be a different answer than we wanted.

The 4 hearts in the core of being is always pure.  1 mind, 1 heart, 1 love.

Power is Faith – Faith is Power

book cover

Power is Faith – Faith is Power

Self Love  starts with self respect, self worth, self esteem, which comes from morals, values, and ethics.

Having faith in self creates power and you create your world in self worth.  Having faith in self creates power in self.  IN – in 3D 3rd dimension in earths physical realm of the human 5 senses – In the moment – In the emotion.

No Faith, No Power, No Change.  Always be truthful to self, because self always knows the truth.  To lie to self will create a change in the karmic path of past, in order to recreate in present moment.

To believe in self is to create faith which creates power.  In each life time there is one lesson to learn and one lesson to teach.  To teach is easy to learn in 3D 3rd dimension is called tough love.  It is hard to learn more than teach in every adventure in life.

The Infinity of Infinite Self


Being yourself creates the best of both worlds

Being yourself creates the best of both worlds.

The internal world of archetypes (positive and negative) is the landscape of good/bad, heaven/hell, black/white, etc.  And, once again man-made concepts that provokes the illusion of who you think you are. And, as we all know it creates self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.

Being yourself is to learn how to say no.  Say to yourself will it really matter in 50 + years from now what other people see me as, or is it more important how you see yourself.

Power only has faith.  No faith then no power.  Keep your power.