Healing and/or Cleansing – Which one?

Healing and/or Cleansing – Which one?

These are typical questions – only when something comes up does this even cross our minds.

PMI – is a technical term for Preventive Maintenance Intervention.

To keep something from reoccurring, we want to prevent something to stop doing what it is doing.  That would be through optimal health.

Optimal health falls in the lines of – 1) Mental health, 2) Physical health, 3) Emotional Health, and 4) Spiritual health.

You choose on a daily basis where you direct your energy.  You choose on a daily basis of what is a priority in your life.  These are daily choices that everyone gets to choose.  All 4 bodies of being create Optimal health.  Each one needs daily wholistic nutrition to create a whole being in optimal health.

An auric picture gives a snap shot in time the emotional body of being.

Auric Picture
Auric Picture

There are many types of cleanings.

Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexology

A healer needs to know what body part needs cleanings.

Internal Organs
Internal Organs

Another option is Iridology.

Iridology Chart
Iridology Chart

Those are cleansing options.  A healing option takes more time and more effort on the part of the client.

There is a pattern on how a person collects diseases.  It is the dis-ease of something that the core of being is out of sink with self.

A person can heal a particular part of self and discover later a new aliment or aliments have popped-up in another part of 1 of the 4 bodies of being.  Basically it was only a surface healing.  A deep healing is different.  A deep healing is learning how to change one’s own brain wave activities.

To change you brain wave activities is to know your purpose.  Why are you here and what is the point.


I find it very strange when people go straight for the negative.

I find it very strange when people go straight for the negative.

You see so many advertisements and we are bombarded with negative.  It’s kind of like smothering someone and they don’t even know they are being smothered.

Oh try this or do that, as if the person has not already tried this or that.  It’s really amazing that many medical doctors are subconsciously taught in medical school to look for the negative. You can read about this in many healing books.  Basically they are taught to find the negative, in order to do their job.

Basically they are a specialist in their own right.  Same with a pharmaceutical company.

If a person is bombarded with negatives again and again, eventually that person will then gain a negative.  Due to the fact of dwelling.  If a person is bombard with positive again and again, eventually that person will gain positive.  It took time to gain a disease (dis-ease mind/body/emotion), it will take time to release a disease.

Any type of healing has a history.  Years ago when I worked at the law office with my mother, basically a law suit was filed against Phen Phen.  Pharmaceutical companies are tied in with doctors.  A few prescriptions have a 2 year span.  Basically within 2 years many side effects pop up.  Hey guess what, it’s’ another ticket to the doctor 😉

Paying attention and being more mindful of the signs that come into your life, will determine if you enjoy collecting negative or positive.  To change from one to the other, it only depends upon you.  You get to choose what you find is important to dwell in.  Same thought pattern only keeps self in same path, that eventually gets beatn down, and one feels bombarded with no choices.

We were all born with a birth right called free will.  We choose what we want to experience in life.  To me I find it extremely redundantly boring to dwell, because there is way too much life to live and way too much fun to have.

If you find you are having a crappy day, do you hang out there? Is it fun? do you enjoy it?  Or do you flip the switch?  The switch is within your own subconscious of being mindful.

There are many different avenues of healing.  I prefer someone that has a degree in medical astrology combine with medical intuitive and is a psychic, or medium or any natural born gifts, plus a herbalist.  In medical astrology it has a long history that correlates with anatomy and physiology, same as a medical intuitive.  A person that has that type of knowledge is definitely into healing, for the sake of healing.

Sure I have caught a few cancers and have thyroid disease, but do I hang there and dwell, of course not, that would bore me to death 🙂  Basically when something keeps popping up in your face, ears, eyes, etc. Do you just say hey that’s life, or do you take charge and change it?

When anything redundantly pops up again and again, it is history repeating it’s self to you.  You see the sign and ask the question, What am I to learn from this?  If you answer,then you have not learned what you were meant to learn.  You do not answer, the universe brings to you the answer in the form of energy.  It is your job to dispher the information.   It is called work and tough love.  You will learn through tough love of how to love your self.  The messages are for you and you only.

When you understand that the past life gene, is the knowledge brought forth into this life time in the form of lessons.  I have friends that basically I see and feel their pain.   They do not tell me they are in pain.  I will touch with my hands their shoulder or what ever body part hurts and I apply pressure to the toxin.  Then they ask how did you know?  I just say I see it.  I see and feel pain through my 3rd eye chakra, because I am an indigo, empath and psychic, among many other things.  Some day I hope to find the time to learn anatomy and physiology.

Find your natural born traits, hone in on them and perfect that skill.  Which in turn you will be helping you and others.  The more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity,

That’s what I do. I teach to reconnect mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – Self Love.  Bring up self-esteem, self-worth, then you will bring up self-love, and connect slowly.  It takes time to connect you to you.


Color in 2 worlds, Dream and Waking state of being.

It’s a brand new day!!!  Life is straight up inspirational and full of possibilities.

Yesterday I had my first art display in an art competition.  My art is the illustration for the next book.  A children’s pop-book.

I had balloons that glow in the dark ;-).  But, it was very windy and cloudy.  The sun peaked a few times.  Some of the art is glow in the dark.  In one scene – The Nightmare – (bad guy) Skaville glows in the dark.  He comes in the forest as glow in the dark.

If the sun would have been out more yesterday more of my art would have glowed. The book is a children’s pop up book.  It captivates the senses.  There will be scratch N Sniff, music when the fractal animals pop out, and may have smell a vision.

Last night when I went to sleep, I had a dream an eye-ball was watching me and changed colors, from blue to green.

Dream interpretation is a way of your mind acting out through symbols in the subconscious mind.  It is the awareness that is presented through the 3rd eye chakra.

Keeping a record of your dreams then you will begin to notice a pattern.  The pattern will then begin to tell you how to solve certain areas in life.  Dreams are a language that takes time to learn how to interpret.  Anything is life takes time to understand in life.  Dreams are like a foreign language.  Any foreign language takes time to understand.  Symbols are a language all their own.  Symbols contain coded messages.  Each coded message has many interpretation.  Each symbol in one’s own dream is an interpretation of challenges to be solved in waking life.

To keep a record of dreams, must take into a count the colors, which fall under the category of color psychology.  For example: Blue can be calming (positive), except people with SAD (Seasonal Effective Disorder) blue is depressing (negative).  The color blue also represents gossip (negative).  The color white in western minds means pure and in China means death.

Spiritually – negative – any dark colors and positive – any light colors.

According to 10,000 Dreams by Gustavus Hindman Miller, “To dream of seeing an eye, warns you that watchful enemies are seeking the slightest chance to work injury to your business.  This dream indicates to a lover that a rival will usurp him if he is not careful.  To see blue eyes, denotes weakness in carrying out any intentions”.  I like this book a lot, it is part of my collection.

According to Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson, The Seasonal Palettes are the different hues within a particular color in the color spectrum.  Depending upon if you are a Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall will determine the different shades of a particular color.

According to Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies by Sue and Simon Lilly, “Studies with plants grown under different colours and ranges of light have demonstrated that the wrong kind of light can seriously damage their growth and health.  Full-spectrum natural sunlight with normal levels of ultraviolet light (which is filtered out by most types of glass) is essential to maintain the normal, healthy functioning of plant cells.  The same has been found with animal cells”.  Guess what we are animals in the hierarchy chain of command.

Also, SAD – Seasonal Effective Disorder is in certain parts of the world where there is not enough uv lights.  It causes mood swings, low energy levels and depression that begins as the days grow shorter and only gradually improves with the onset of spring.  When you see an alternative doctor that has a machine that will project the particular amount of uv lights into the patient.  Which in turn will re-balance the disorder.  Really cool, you lay or sit in front of a color spectrum light, depending upon how much the doctor diagnoses that a patient needs, will determine the time of sitting or laying.

Colors are projected in the dream state of being, that is like a play in a coded message.  In waking state is learning to decipher the coded messages.

Possibilities happen in all states of being.