Being Good is Being Energy

It is so easy to be good if one so chooses.

To be good is becoming the creative creation your power chooses.

One Self is One whole in Holistic; while creating a fantabulious chemistry of energy.

You are but infinite energy that has come to create challenges, in order to learn how to love self.

Self (you) are energy that is the fractal particles in the Holographical Umbilical Cord.

Religion is a mind set that is the same as any belief system

Religion is a mind set that is the same as any belief system. A belief system is created through a thought, that is created through an emotion, which creates an emotional attachment, that begets a blockages, which is a detachment from one’s own destiny.

Some use the word God.  Some use the word universe.  I prefer the word energy.  Energy is the same in all animate and inanimate thought patterns that created energy.  What is true in one’s own heart creates the fundamental mechanics of energy.

Energy is learning to transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness, and the first step in understanding the difference between knowing and intellect.

Change takes place when we choose knowing or intelligence. Spirituality knows beyond human 5 senses and Science is intelligence of the human 5 senses. By holding onto intelligence like a security blanket we keep human evolution from remembering knowing.
As long as human perception believes that science is the only way to explain life and all it in tells will stifle human evolution. Science explains intellectually about life through the human 5 senses of man-made concepts of objects. The perception of only using intellect to understand life is living in fear of the unknown. Change is the only answer to release fear. Releasing fear and to know that love is the change that everyone is looking for.

Knowing or Intelligence


From time to time it is time for change.

From time to time it is time for change.

I find that to change is a matter of choice.  To change is to go with the flow of energy.  To resist change is to stop the flow of energy.

Energy comes from the universe, then recycles back to the universe.

Reiki – life force energy.  A reiki practitioner is a conduit.  The Reiki Practitioner places their hands on the human body, or a plant, or anything they feel needs healed.

When the practitioner places hands on object, the energy comes from the universe, through the practitioner, through the object.  Pulls the toxin out, which then travels back through the practitioner, and back into the universe.

It is a cycle of energy.  From the universe and back into the universe.

Chinese word for energy is Chi.

To flow with Chi is yin Female (love) – 6.  To stop flow of Chi is yang Male (conflict) – 3.

The left side of your body is yin and the right side of your body is yang.

The palm of your hands is the back of your body.  The top of your hands is the front of your body.

To massage (release toxins) through the hands and feet is called reflexology.

The tips of your fingers is your head, from front to back.  A practitioner will know the pressure points to release toxins from hands and feet.

I am not a medical doctor and never want to be one in this life time, it is a waste of my time.  I am an alternative non-drug practitioner.

Humans create toxins within their own selves.  When any body part is weak and toxins come into the sphere of the auric zone, the toxins will seep in through the funnels (chakras).  Toxins are tangible and non-tangible, depending upon which energy was created, where, and what is needed.

The energy is created in many dimensions.  It is only through the form of a lesson, that a particular energy comes to that particular person.

When pure love is lacking in any sphere of any human species, that energy that is the opposite of desire will then enter the human species life, in each life time.

This is called tough love in a love wave.  You will not find this in any scripture.


Energy is between thought and action

Energy is between thought and action.

Go in between the between to core of being, it is thus riding the love wave of energy.

Energy lives in everything.  Energy is the tip of 4d 4th dimension.  It is the intangibles, the particles, that can only be seen with 3rd eye chakra, or by a psychic, or anyone that carries natural gifts from birth from past lives.

Energy is presented in color.  It is the creation of vibrations that vibrate within rhythmic rhythms that create tones.  The tones are presented in color.  That creation is a creation from your mind within higher self, that sends love waves of tones in color.  The colors are the color spectrum from in between the spaces.  The vibrations are infinite, the colors are infinite, the spaces are infinite, and pure love is infinite.

There are 3 kinds of love in 3d 3rd dimension. 1) conditional love (man-made concepts), 2) unconditional love (man-made concepts), and 3) pure love – is in between the between the spaces.

Infinity is energy and energy is infinity.  You create the energy, you create the spaces, you create the vibrational vibrations, and you create the levels of love that you want in the form of a love lesson from the universe.

What love wave do you desire in the form of a lesson from the universe?

Choose wisely.


A sense of humor

A certain type of energy pops up and it is a sign of change.  This energy comes from nature which is the universe.  Nature is the element of natural.  Natural comes from the energies that contain past, present and future life of each species on planet earth in 3d 3rd dimension.

For example – Where does a sense of humor come from?  2 studies show it is natural, you are born with it.

Okay now flip the switch back (frame of mind).  Carl Jung was the understudy of Sigmund Freud.  Freud famous world known German psychologist was very well-known for his pyramid.  He is the forefather of mapping out the brain in psychology.

Carl Jung a colleague of Freud, stated there is more to the human personality.  He then coined the concept – Archetype.  The archetype is the negative side of self.  It is moments in time where a person is stuck emotionally in moments of childhood.  That is why we have so many people today, that are still children in adult bodies.  They have not learned to emotional move on.  That creates blockage, which is a form of toxin.

Okay now jump forward from past, to present, and to future.  To change a human behavioral pattern that one has created for their own self, is through changing frame of thought.  A negative personality is an introvert – what the world has done to me.  A positive personality is an extrovert – what I have done to the world.

To change thought pattern is to understand how it began and where it came from, what is the root core of a particular energy?

World astrology is kind of like a predetermine personality in 3D 3rd dimension.  It’s like a blue print of energy.  It is your purpose from one dimension to the next.

For example – I am a Gemini.  Purpose to teach that love is awareness and to learn that love is feeling.  Tough love teaches and we learn from tough love.  It is a predisposed connection of collective energies.

For example – There are 4 astrology signs in western astrology.  Each element has 3 different astrology signs, the upper, the lower, and the middle.  Same as Freud’s pyramid, but on a different level in a different dimension.

This is only one example of the infinite possibilities in correlation to sense of humor.  It is a predetermined gene brought into this life time, through a pre-contract.  Pre-contracts are contracts between souls.  When a soul is transformed (reincarnated) into a spirit, it will then play out in the game of life the lessons to learn and to teach, in 3D 3rd dimension.


Elements in Energy

Elements are extremely important.

Elements in world astrology stimulates from past and present life times, which then creates future life times of energy.

Elements live within the world of energy upon different dimensions in parallel universes.

For example –

Lets say everything is going great in your world that day and then slam.  Something unexpected happens.  At least to the human consciousness it is unexpected.  But honestly, you really did know it was going to happen, you were just in a different frame of mind, of mindlessness.

Actually your self that lives in a parallel dimension is living the life you want of all good, and you choose to give your power of good to your other self, so you can receive the bad in this dimension.

So if you want all the good then you must be good in this dimension of 3d 3rd dimension. That is universal law of time/space and mass/matter in 3d 3rd dimension, in earths physical realm of the human 5 senses.

Open you mind and you open your world.  You can and will connect with you if you so choose.  It is you who choose to be connected to you.  This is through tough love of learning how to love yourself and all of you.

Connection starts with purpose.  Meditation is connecting to higher self.  The deeper the meditation the deeper the connection.

The human mind will resist change.  It was trained that way.

For me connection is easy.  It is many years of practice in meditation.

Find the connection in meditation to understand the elements.  Baby steps in everything.  Took time to create the patterns you now choose as a lifestyle.  It will take time to incorporate a new understanding of elements as they were meant to be understood.


Change all problems to challenges

Blessings to me is just gratitude.  I am grateful for the challenges that life brings to me, so I can grow in personal growth.  The more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity.

Life is an interesting spherical essence that brings the colorful energies into my world called rainbows.  Each rainbow is but only an emotional realm of nature.  Each emotional realm of humanity from each individual is a conglomeration of intricate details.

Each presents of being is basically energy.  Each person carries intricate energies, like walking rainbows around the world.  It is absolutely fascinating watching walking rainbows.  Each essence of energy on planet earth is but a walking auric zone of rainbows.

A few years back I received my last aura picture.  Have not had time to get another one.  The lady that took my picture told me what ever you are doing keep doing it, cause all your chakras are open, have you ever thought about being a healer.  I thought about it for a second.  I said no, but why not.  It finally dawned on me yesterday why she said that years ago.

I never really think about the things I need to do for health, I just basically already know.  I know when it is time for change, before change is needed.  Education does not teach me what I need to know, I already know.  This is born knowledge, everyone has this knowledge brought forth from past lives.  Everyone can access if they so choose.

I find that everyday to me is a blessing simply, because I have lived through many diseases and cancers and I have cured my own, of course with no help from anyone.  Simply because I know what to do.  This is something I really choose not to tell people, simply because it is a personal journey that one must take on their own.  It is a spiritual journey that one chooses.

I have been to the depths of darkness in order to understand the light of lightness.

To me everyday is an adventure and my spirit is in charge, I’m just along for the ride 🙂

I am truly thankful to be blessed with each new day.  To live life to the fullest.  To give back beauty to the world through the love of challenges that were brought to me with each day.

Each day I choose to be better person than the person I was the day before. Change all problems to challenges.  To conquer any fear that cripples personal growth in the world of love. Love is a rainbow that all must find within one’s own heart.  To see the beauty of life is the infinite rainbows between the spaces.  Each space between each color of a rainbow is the energy that human eyes have yet to see.  It is only the heart that knows the paths into the spaces.