What is My Purpose? Serving a Purpose

Everyone has at one time or another in their life, asked the question – Why Am I Here? Remember the only thing in this life, in 3D 3rd dimension; is that the only thing that is inevitable is change.

Just change – Why Am I Here to What Is My Purpose.  When anything happens in life, most ask – Why Me.  I learned to change that to – What Am I To Learn from This.

From the beginning of a human’s life, they feel they must serve a purpose.  But, yet they are at a loss of where to begin.  Some believe to serve a parent, to make them happy and proud of their offspring, is serving a purpose.  Some believe to serve the community, with their job is taking care of their family, is serving a purpose.  The list goes on and on of what a human defines as serving a purpose.

Always ask yourself – What is the point and What is the purpose.  Does the purpose create the same lifestyle, or belief system, or ??  The same thought pattern will create the same results (Universal Law of Cause and Effect).

If you choose to have a different outcome, then you have to change your thought patterns.

Each and every single species on planet earth has a purpose.  Planet earth is 3D 3rd dimension in physical form of the human 5 senses.  The higher sense is the higher sense of self.  The higher sense of the human 5 senses at a higher level creates the 6th sense.  When a human’s vibrational level is in the 6th sense awareness begins the cycle of completeness. The completeness of purpose is to be in the core of being.

The core of being is broken down in my book, The Infinity of Infinite Self.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

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Unispical aka The Metaphysician



Energy is between thought and action

Energy is between thought and action.

Go in between the between to core of being, it is thus riding the love wave of energy.

Energy lives in everything.  Energy is the tip of 4d 4th dimension.  It is the intangibles, the particles, that can only be seen with 3rd eye chakra, or by a psychic, or anyone that carries natural gifts from birth from past lives.

Energy is presented in color.  It is the creation of vibrations that vibrate within rhythmic rhythms that create tones.  The tones are presented in color.  That creation is a creation from your mind within higher self, that sends love waves of tones in color.  The colors are the color spectrum from in between the spaces.  The vibrations are infinite, the colors are infinite, the spaces are infinite, and pure love is infinite.

There are 3 kinds of love in 3d 3rd dimension. 1) conditional love (man-made concepts), 2) unconditional love (man-made concepts), and 3) pure love – is in between the between the spaces.

Infinity is energy and energy is infinity.  You create the energy, you create the spaces, you create the vibrational vibrations, and you create the levels of love that you want in the form of a love lesson from the universe.

What love wave do you desire in the form of a lesson from the universe?

Choose wisely.


4 + 1 = 5

4 + 1 = 5

Loving life through creating ambiance and tranquility into the depths of soul.

It warms my heart to know it is the land of possibilities.

The soul is kinda like the captain for the core of being.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The Spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

4 bodies of being is contained in the core of being. 4 + 1 = 5

There are 5 chemical compounds within the brain to reach the god neuron.  It is a mathematical equation that is very simple, but yet baffles the mind of a scientist.  Simply because they only choose to use the frontal lobe of the brain.

Everyone that chooses to use anything but natural meditation, chooses substance in order to reach the god neuron.  To choose anything but natural meditation will then have reversal damage to 1 of the 4 bodies of being.  Bottom line drugs or alcohol, etc will have created karmic debt instantly.  That is called instant gratification.

Putting a toxin in your body you are then creating a love wave of regret, which we all know is the universal law of cause and effect.

Open your mind and you open your world to the endless possibilities that connects you to the love wave of karmic credit.

IN – in the moment, in the emotion, in 3d 3rd dimension.

OF – above the moment, above the emotion, above 3d 3rd dimension.

The connection is yours to choose.  You get to choose karmic credit or karmic debt.  That is called free will in universal law.

Your choice to choose wisely 😉


Thoughts of Past or Future, Choose Present Moment

Thoughts are past,

Thoughts are future,

To be in past or future is too live in a dimension other then present moment.

Present moment is being.  Thoughts are actions.

To do is to act

To be is core of being, which is connected to center.

Center of universe is seed.  Seed is being. Thoughts create actions within seeds, that are within consciousness.

Still mind meditation is being in core of consciousness.

Seed is same as egg. Thoughts formulate action, which is chaos in seed/egg.

Life began in chaos in egg.  Life began in thought in seed.  It is one in the same.

Human history is action. Core of being is infinite.

You create your thoughts and you create your world within consciousness

Choose your thoughts wisely.



To make a difference in the world we must be different ;-)


To make a difference in the world we must be different, which is what I am doing with my life and always have. I find time alone in meditation, gives me time to think and find the things that make me happy and sex is the last thing on my mind. Simple, it comes from human desire, in the first chakra of the primordial body. To be an enlightened one, is to rise above the first chakra and open all chakras. I was born with all chakras open and I reside in the 8th chakra of the spirit realm, while in physical form on earth.

Physical form is basically a spirit that has come to earth to experience life.  Earth is the 3d 3rd dimension in time/space and mass matter of the physical realm.  Physical realm is the human 5 senses, to experience emotions on a physical level.  Nothing new, history always repeats itself.  Self-lives through many life times on earth in order to learn love lessons, it is called karma.  Love lessons are called tough love.  We go through life getting bumps and bruises on our emotions and that is what life is all about.  Our spirit is destined to repeat through physical primordial body the lessons not learned, until self learns the lessons it was meant to learn. The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

I always say I’m in twilight light zone in ground hog day.  There is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow, it is only today that counts.  Memories brought forth from past experiences, is just like relieving that experience again, but in a dream state.  That state is a state of being in that moment in time.  It is the past but that memory lives on in your state of being.   Things that happened in; that moment in time creates a new state of awareness today.  It brings that emotion back to life as if you were reliving that moment in time.  Point is – if it was negative why relive something that makes you unhappy, depressed or any negative feeling.
Humans were born to be happy through learning experiences of their own path of soul destiny.  A floating soul is a soul that does not know their own path of destiny.  So they in turn cling to others paths of destiny.  That is called fate.  When the soul knows its own path of destiny, it is no longer floating because it knows its own path of destiny, which is called destiny.

I knew my path of destiny from the moment of birth in 3d 3rd dimension.  Why in the world would a person want to relive in the negative or positive, simply because they have yet to learn the in between, which is the space.  Understanding the space in each moment in time is seeing with 3rd eye chakra.

The bridge between the pituitary gland and the pineal gland is the bridge called the god neuron.  Start at the heart chakra; move up the body to the center of the brow.  Start at the god neuron and move to down to the brow.  Where these two lines meet is at the 3rd eye chakra.  The only way to access is through meditation.  It is going in between the between to the core of being.

Negative thoughts around the world are creating the dark matter in space.  The holographical umbilical cord.  Is the flying heart that is connected with the tentacles/fractals that is connect to the matrix. The matrix is the space in one’s own mind.  I told my doctor once the world is 98% psychosomatic and 2% dna/genes.  DNA genes are what you are born with.  Psychosomatic is what you create with thoughts. The body only follows what the mind tells it to.  Choose your thoughts you choose your world.

I love life and life loves me.  Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you deserve, it’s that simple.  Flip the switch of riding the love wave of ups and downs, and find you within self.  Only you can change by flipping the switch called the love wave and learn to love you for who you are.  You are love!!!!!

Find your rhythmic rhythm in life and you find your music that makes your heart smile 😉

Light and Love