Kindle Storyteller – Shawanaisha’s First Flight

I published my very first picture book on Kindle Storyteller.  The contest ends May 19th, 2017.

Wish me luck that I win the contest ūüôā¬† My book is on page 102.

Shawanaisha’s First Flight

Music contest ends today. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed :-)

The count down is on!!  Today is the last day to submit songs into the music contest.

I entered 4 songs in the music contest.  It is a once in a lifetime chance.

The semi-finalist are notified in June.  Finalist are notified in July.  The grand prize winners are notified in August.

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Wish me luck!!


Which one? Music mix contest

Contest come along from time to time. ¬†When I was painting tons of contest popped up, so I entered 4 and won 2. ¬†Now I’m mixing music for the book and a music contest came up. ¬†I made 3 mixes and now I have to decide which one to enter in the contest.

This will be my first music contest.  Of course I am very nervous.

It’s kinda like, when you take your first test in a class and not sure what to expect. ¬†At least in school you get an outline, but when it is a music contest I don’t think they have an outline on the type of music to play.

They say Рto make up your mind on something, you must sleep on it for 3 days.  Tonight will be night #1.