Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will

Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will.

Each millisecond we always have a choice in what life brings us.  The choice to give self or receive self.  This is called self love.  Do we help or hurt self? It is a choice only self can make.

In each culture around the world, we all have social norms. But, our choices create individuality. We all have a choice to go with the flow or we have a choice to stand out as an individual.  As many of us know, there are too many that choose to be in the fear of standing out. So, there are many that hide their own true gifts.

When a person hides their own true gifts, they are in turn hurting their own self. Time will in turn give us what we want, that is the nature of the universe, called Universal law. On the other hand, when a person chooses to be good to their own self and follow their own heart; they are creating karmic credit.  We can lie to others but we can never lie to our own self.

A person  can only love others when self has learned to love self. Do good and it comes back 10 times.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

Welcome to the land of possibilities

Welcome to the land of possibilities.

When there is a will there is a way.  The “will” is basically hope, faith, and endless possibilities of inspirations. Inspiration comes in small packages.  “IN”, in 3D 3rd dimension IN earths physical realm of the human 5 senses, IN the emotion, IN the moment is choice.

Be the solution instead of the problem. To inspire is in-spirit. To inspire anyone or anything is first to inspire self.  There is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow it is only today that counts in personal growth.

Choice – as I grew up I would ask my mom tons of times how to spell something and she got tired of answering.  Then she started saying, “go look it up in the dictionary”.  Finally, to me and the unabridged dictionary became great friends.  That sucker must weigh about 8 or 10 pounds hahaha!!  My mom was always grading my papers by circling words with red pen!! Even letters I wrote to her personally, then she would mail them back to me.

Those moments of choice were for me to choose personal growth.  Of course, for every human is to go through the emotion, which is human nature’s way of growing; which is a human behavioral pattern.  Each pattern creates a holographical vibration.  Each holographical vibration creates karmic credit or debt.

Karmic credit or karmic debt is the choice in the land of discovery.  The discovery of choice of what one likes or dislikes, is just a matter of choosing one’s own flavor. After 18 years of college my flavor of choice is simple.  It is the land of verbiage.  Verbiage is verbal garbage.  What is correct in one’s own language it just a matter of linguistics.  However, if a word is combo of more than one linguistics in one sentence it creates a new category of information.   Which creates a new flavor of holographical vibrations, which then creates new karmic credit or debts.  I love how that works out :-).

As the years went on I basically wanted to be a writer since I was in my early 20’s.  In 18 years of college I basically choose my own degrees which has nothing to do with either secular or non-secular education.  Cool thing was I never went to high school, because I did not believe in the teachings as presently taught.  Cool thing is I choose my own life path and my first college degree is an AA in behavioral science/Anthropology.  Human cultures are absolutely fascinating to me.

American culture of etiquette in linguistics to me is simply a matter of choice to follow policy and procedure, rules and regulations.  Which as we all know is secular education.  Of course that secular education is great for some, but I would rather choose for me personally.  Because, it is my choice to choice my flavors in life.

My flavors are very different in many ways, because it is more open to possibilities.  One of those possibilities was when I published my first book a couple of years ago.  I had my mother read it before I published it.  As usual most people just say, “WOW”.  It is pretty simple, because when they read it they are amazed of the senses that have never been opened in the mind, until they read my book.  As my mother describes it, it was like a pinball ball machine in the mind. The ball would roll around and a click would sound.  It’s kind of like neurons firing in the brain.

The human brain has many possibilities for advancement within the realms of 3D 3rd dimension and beyond.  We all have a choice in what flavors we choose in life.  I choose research for personal growth in my own way.  My first book was 30 years of research,  The Infinity of Infinite Self.  My second book published this year was for fun Frackmicology 5N1Frackmicology 5N1.  My first book is basically a spiritual book, of a journey in 30 years of research.  My second book was also a spiritual journey of a level others tell me to bring it down to earth.  As soon as I finish publishing the 3rd album this weekend for the second book, then I will begin the research for the next book.

Once the 3rd album is published it will then begin time for the audio book of Frackmicology 5N1.  While I am working on the audio book it will give me the chance to work on my 3rd book. The 3rd book will be totally different then the first two books. The books for me are the land of possibilities. Possibilities are the land of growth in personal growth and to be a better person than I was the day before.  New day new way.  Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.

My mother always tells me, “why do you always take the hard road in life”, my reply, “it’s more fun that way, because I discover more different ways then others have yet to reach”. First rule – change every negative word in one’s own vocabulary from negative to positive.  Takes time to grow in personal growth.

If I ever choose to be an advocate in life I choose personal growth first, foremost, and always.  Personal growth starts with opening the heart which opens the mind.  The heart has a mind of its own.  Be true to one’s own self always.  Being true to one’s own self is following one’s own heart.  An open heart creates the land of possibilities each and every day.




Can you simultaneously use both sides of your brain?

Can you simultaneously use both sides of your brain?

You have 2 hands.  It is very lovely to write out a quantum mathematical equation with one hand while using one side of the brain, and at the same time sketch a tree with the other hand, using the other side of the brain.

This is called an open mind.  To understand the open mind is to be in sync with heart and mind.

Science is calculated with numbers, same as any creative adventure.  It is all synchronicity of numbers.


Energy is between thought and action

Energy is between thought and action.

Go in between the between to core of being, it is thus riding the love wave of energy.

Energy lives in everything.  Energy is the tip of 4d 4th dimension.  It is the intangibles, the particles, that can only be seen with 3rd eye chakra, or by a psychic, or anyone that carries natural gifts from birth from past lives.

Energy is presented in color.  It is the creation of vibrations that vibrate within rhythmic rhythms that create tones.  The tones are presented in color.  That creation is a creation from your mind within higher self, that sends love waves of tones in color.  The colors are the color spectrum from in between the spaces.  The vibrations are infinite, the colors are infinite, the spaces are infinite, and pure love is infinite.

There are 3 kinds of love in 3d 3rd dimension. 1) conditional love (man-made concepts), 2) unconditional love (man-made concepts), and 3) pure love – is in between the between the spaces.

Infinity is energy and energy is infinity.  You create the energy, you create the spaces, you create the vibrational vibrations, and you create the levels of love that you want in the form of a love lesson from the universe.

What love wave do you desire in the form of a lesson from the universe?

Choose wisely.


4 + 1 = 5

4 + 1 = 5

Loving life through creating ambiance and tranquility into the depths of soul.

It warms my heart to know it is the land of possibilities.

The soul is kinda like the captain for the core of being.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The Spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

4 bodies of being is contained in the core of being. 4 + 1 = 5

There are 5 chemical compounds within the brain to reach the god neuron.  It is a mathematical equation that is very simple, but yet baffles the mind of a scientist.  Simply because they only choose to use the frontal lobe of the brain.

Everyone that chooses to use anything but natural meditation, chooses substance in order to reach the god neuron.  To choose anything but natural meditation will then have reversal damage to 1 of the 4 bodies of being.  Bottom line drugs or alcohol, etc will have created karmic debt instantly.  That is called instant gratification.

Putting a toxin in your body you are then creating a love wave of regret, which we all know is the universal law of cause and effect.

Open your mind and you open your world to the endless possibilities that connects you to the love wave of karmic credit.

IN – in the moment, in the emotion, in 3d 3rd dimension.

OF – above the moment, above the emotion, above 3d 3rd dimension.

The connection is yours to choose.  You get to choose karmic credit or karmic debt.  That is called free will in universal law.

Your choice to choose wisely 😉


Wholistic Nutrition

Wholistic Nutrition

Cheap nutrition when young is high medical when old.

High nutrition when young is low medical when old.

Wholistic nutrition is the nutrition you put into your mental body, physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body.

It is your choice to change and take your power and create it for you, in your lifestyle that you choose.

You have the power to choose, it is only your choice of how you want to live.

Choose your Wholistic Nutrition wisely and you will live a very happy life in transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.


Touching A Heart

Touch A Heart

To touch a heart is the object of desire.  But, who’s heart and how do you touch a heart?

My mother told me when I was young, “it is not what you say to a person, it is how you make them feel, is how they remember you.

Children are little people.  When they grow up they remember how they were treated when young.

Many adults today are children in adult form.  Because, they are emotional still the child of yesteryear stuck in a moment in time.

To heal that moment in time, is to let self recognized the moment, when self became stuck with blockage.  The emotional blockage is telling self I do not want to heal, I want to live in pain.  To heal is to forgive self for letting others hurt self.

When you forgive your self first is when the healing begins and you then can begin to forgive others.

To touch a heart is the object of desire.  But, who’s heart and how do you touch a heart?


Love is Life, Life is Love!

I tell everyone – everything in life is an experience in an adventure. Life is the adventure!!! got some plants yesterday and transplanted them along with the other one I got months ago. Need much greenery in home, burning incense, and need sanctuary in home. Life is color, sites, sounds, smells, taste, touch in home to be a sanctuary!!!! loving life, it really is beautiful 😉

My wings are like humming birds.  I fly to different social sites and rest my wings for a bit.  I share music, art, and the beautiful things that life gives us.  I share the energy of passion within the hearts of humans.  This is their loves!!!  Love is intense, love is immense, love is grand, love is life!!!!

For every experience is an adventure.  An adventure of fun of learning to love yourself and have a great time doing it.  Learn to love the things you hate and you will receive more of the loves you deserve.

Example – I’m taking out the trash to the garbage can and what do you know, the bag breaks.  It’s all good in the neighborhood!!! Just get another bag and clean it up, no big whoop!!!  That’s life and life is messy.  But, hanging out in the negative gets real old and boring after awhile!!!!  Hanging out in pity parties is a real drag and creates karmic baggage – karmic debt!!! I would rather create karmic credit!!! 🙂

Life teaches us to learn to have fun in everything you do!!!!  I crank up the tunes in the car when I drive to work.  I crank up the tunes when I clean house.  I crank up the tunes when I cook.  Every single thing I do music is playing!!! Lets the heart and spirit sing and dance.  The heart and spirit want to be free to feel love and give love.  The heart and spirit can only give and receive when they are happy and enjoying life.  Humans were born to be happy and loving life.

Many negative things come my way, but do I let that bring me down, no way!!! Way to much fun to have in life.  Just clean it up and move on!!!!  I love being a landscaper.  It is dirty, greasy, messy, but I am proud of what I do.  Because, I beautify where I go!!!!  It is the same thing when I paint.  I bring beauty and majic to the world of things they have never seen.  The things they have only read or dreamed about, I bring them to life.

Imagine for one moment, a person that was born blind.  How would you explain color to them!!!  This is humanity.  For humanity is blind to the colors of life.  This is how I see humanity.  Humanity is blind to the energy of the love that life brings to them.  I practice with the lights off in my house and I walk around.  So that some day if I ever did go blind, would I, could I still see the beauty that life brings to me??

Humanity relies upon their human vision wayyyyyy tooooo much.  They constantly miss the beauty that their spirit is telling them to open up and be aware of.  Humans have free will to choose to listen to their spirit or to ignore their spirit as if it does not exist.  Everyone has that choice.

When you choose to ignore the beauty – you are only choosing to see the beauty that life brings.  It is your choice what vision you choose to see the world.

Light and Love

Physician and/or Practitioner



Caduceus – (the staff of Hermes)

An ancient symbol dating back to the Greek messenger god Hermes (The Romans called him Mercury).  In Indian philosophy and medicine the Caduceus is intimately associated with the system of energy centers called Chakras….The two serpents coiling around the staff (represent the positive and negative forces) like the yin and yang of Chinese Medicine.  The crossing over of the two serpents creates 5 energy fields in the body.

Symbols are a humans way of interpreting their world as they perceive it to be true.  Their perception determines their belief system.  A belief system is how a human chooses a physician and/or a practitioner.

The difference between a physician and a practitioner is that a physician heals with synthetic healing and a practitioner heals with natural healing.  Many moons have passed since a practitioner heals naturally as part of the community doctor.   Understanding the difference between healing is the first step to unlocking the doors within consciousness.  The keys are asking the right questions in order to receive the knowledge that unlocks the doors towards personal growth.

Personal growth is an awareness of all the human 5 senses, that is birth right, for the ones that are still destined to learn lessons in this life time.

First we learn to pay attention, and than we are aware, which begets awareness, which takes us into enlightenment.  If we so choose to understand our sicknesses/ailments then we must understand the root of the ailment and how it began.  When we are aware of the root of the ailment, then we can thus cure what ever ails us.

Esoteric teachings have created symbolism; which humans interpret within their scope of understanding that is birthed in their perception of self.  Thus nuclear human beings have adjusted symbolism to meet human needs and wants, which is the ego.

When the ego dominates the being and the human ego takes on control of more power then they are destiny to possess, perception of self changes.  The ego possesses the human and their belief system changes into something they can no longer control.  They believe that they have the power to cure.  That power takes on a life of its own and convinces the human that the only way to take control of others is through the mind control of others and to believe what they believe.

When a human believes that another person can cure them of what ever ails them, and then it is through the physician that treats with synthetic tangible.  When a human believes that another person can cure them of what ever ails them, and it is through the practitioner that cures with organic intangibles.

The synthetic tangible is a foreign entity of a substance that is not natural for the human and creates and brings more problems into the human being.  The human believed that something outside of self would change the course of a dis-ease that possesses the human.  However, it only gave the human more challenges, because the human did not learn the lesson of what was the root of the ailment.

The organic intangibles are part of the natural part of the human and creates and brings the human back to wholeness.  The human believed that something inside of self would change the course of a dis-ease that possesses the human.  The human gave self back the power to cure self of the ailment, because the human learned what the root of the ailment was.

Humans create their own ailments through their thoughts and actions.   When self learns the lessons of the love levels, then self has learned to stop collecting ailments and learns to release ailments.  The power of perception changes ones belief system from power outside of self to power inside of self.

Power starts with choice.  Every human being has a choice to keep their own power or give their power away.

The power to choose a physician or practitioner is a choice to choose synthetic tangible or organic intangible.  A single choice can and will choose ones destiny.

Choose wisely.

Love and Light