Flavors in Adventures

Flavors in adventures brings daily awareness.

Flavors are the likes, dislikes, ups, downs, and everything in between.  Flavors are what life presents to us on a daily basis. The adventures are mere experiences in life. Checking your flavors in your adventures brings awareness.

Changing negative words to positive words is the first step in awareness.   The key – do you really want to change any aspect in your life. Learning to love change is different than acceptance.  Flavors are mere attitudes of what we perceive life to be.

The Infinity of Infinite Self


The simple questions

The simple questions in life are the easiest to change if we so choose to change.  I find in the children’s story book of Chicken Little, it is brains over brawns, is what makes the change.  I find simple little everyday conversations create a new chemistry, which creates change.  As the saying goes, “work smart not hard”, in turn is – “brains over brawns”.

When I walk into an elementary school anywhere in the nation, I pay attention to what messages are displayed on the walls in the hall ways.  The messages are then embedded in the human mind, which then creates images in the human brain for holographic memories.  The human mind has obscure human emotion. The human mind carries holographic memories throughout a persons life time in each lifetime.

Now would those signs that are messages that a child looks at on a daily basis instill a product in a subculture of secular education?  Someone would answer no, because it might make a child think and use their brain.  But, really does it?  Or may those messages begin the creation of how to think like a product, that fits nicely into the packaged norm way of thinking.  The new term would be “inside or outside the box”. Which then creates the separation of self from humanity.

A child’s mind is like a sponge.  It must be given opportunities to expand.  Messages are man-made communication, same as the subliminal message in the movie, “They live”. All messages come from the same source – the human mind.  With every problem in life is merely the term/label * CHALLENGE *.  To challenge is simply a challenge in personal growth.  To think the same as anyone else is merely becoming a pre-package norm robot in secular education.  In turn creates a product in a subculture within any society.

For every thought is created from a source. That source is the root of where a thought took on an energy of life.  The simple questions are formulated from root to challenge a thought pattern of change, which is a form of free will.  To think is to have free will. The thought of free will are the challenging questions of what may come, whether good or bad.  A cognitive thought of actions is the point of teaching of what a child needs, not what someone assumes a child needs.  The same teaching methods will always create the same results.  Change thought patterns and results change.

To change challenges into a different way of thinking will create a new behavioral pattern. Is it the thought of offering always yes or no result in any situation or circumstance?  We live in 3D 3rd dimension of earths physical realm of the human 5 senses.  The different way would be to offer yes, no, and/or, different.  Three paths to choose from will create a different way of processing cognitive connections within the human brain.  The connections within the holographic neurons in the human brain create new patterns. Education in any realm starts and ends with each individual willing with free will to choose only yes or no options.   Because, it is the only present moment in time that human minds have chosen to stifle the option of different.  Stifle is to fear.

Fear is a thought pattern that is implemented through subliminal messages of yes or no. The future generation of humanity must evolve within the time line. Present moment is the only time line.  Past and future are merely holographic memories. Holographic memories are just pictures.  Can you, will you, are you changing holographic memories in present moment, in order to create simple questions that are different?

Ayurvedic Body Type

It is extremely important before making any change in life is first understanding how to create optimal health.  The body only follows what the mind tells it to.  When the mind is strong the body will follow.  All change begins with baby steps and grows.  We can not teach what we have never truly learned.

Learning that we all have a choice in what lifestyle we choose is one’s own life calling.  Be good to yourself and love yourself, because you are worth it.

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Ayurvedic Body Type


Religion is a mind set that is the same as any belief system

Religion is a mind set that is the same as any belief system. A belief system is created through a thought, that is created through an emotion, which creates an emotional attachment, that begets a blockages, which is a detachment from one’s own destiny.

Some use the word God.  Some use the word universe.  I prefer the word energy.  Energy is the same in all animate and inanimate thought patterns that created energy.  What is true in one’s own heart creates the fundamental mechanics of energy.

Energy is learning to transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness, and the first step in understanding the difference between knowing and intellect.

Change takes place when we choose knowing or intelligence. Spirituality knows beyond human 5 senses and Science is intelligence of the human 5 senses. By holding onto intelligence like a security blanket we keep human evolution from remembering knowing.
As long as human perception believes that science is the only way to explain life and all it in tells will stifle human evolution. Science explains intellectually about life through the human 5 senses of man-made concepts of objects. The perception of only using intellect to understand life is living in fear of the unknown. Change is the only answer to release fear. Releasing fear and to know that love is the change that everyone is looking for.

Knowing or Intelligence


Welcome to the land of possibilities

Welcome to the land of possibilities.

When there is a will there is a way.  The “will” is basically hope, faith, and endless possibilities of inspirations. Inspiration comes in small packages.  “IN”, in 3D 3rd dimension IN earths physical realm of the human 5 senses, IN the emotion, IN the moment is choice.

Be the solution instead of the problem. To inspire is in-spirit. To inspire anyone or anything is first to inspire self.  There is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow it is only today that counts in personal growth.

Choice – as I grew up I would ask my mom tons of times how to spell something and she got tired of answering.  Then she started saying, “go look it up in the dictionary”.  Finally, to me and the unabridged dictionary became great friends.  That sucker must weigh about 8 or 10 pounds hahaha!!  My mom was always grading my papers by circling words with red pen!! Even letters I wrote to her personally, then she would mail them back to me.

Those moments of choice were for me to choose personal growth.  Of course, for every human is to go through the emotion, which is human nature’s way of growing; which is a human behavioral pattern.  Each pattern creates a holographical vibration.  Each holographical vibration creates karmic credit or debt.

Karmic credit or karmic debt is the choice in the land of discovery.  The discovery of choice of what one likes or dislikes, is just a matter of choosing one’s own flavor. After 18 years of college my flavor of choice is simple.  It is the land of verbiage.  Verbiage is verbal garbage.  What is correct in one’s own language it just a matter of linguistics.  However, if a word is combo of more than one linguistics in one sentence it creates a new category of information.   Which creates a new flavor of holographical vibrations, which then creates new karmic credit or debts.  I love how that works out :-).

As the years went on I basically wanted to be a writer since I was in my early 20’s.  In 18 years of college I basically choose my own degrees which has nothing to do with either secular or non-secular education.  Cool thing was I never went to high school, because I did not believe in the teachings as presently taught.  Cool thing is I choose my own life path and my first college degree is an AA in behavioral science/Anthropology.  Human cultures are absolutely fascinating to me.

American culture of etiquette in linguistics to me is simply a matter of choice to follow policy and procedure, rules and regulations.  Which as we all know is secular education.  Of course that secular education is great for some, but I would rather choose for me personally.  Because, it is my choice to choice my flavors in life.

My flavors are very different in many ways, because it is more open to possibilities.  One of those possibilities was when I published my first book a couple of years ago.  I had my mother read it before I published it.  As usual most people just say, “WOW”.  It is pretty simple, because when they read it they are amazed of the senses that have never been opened in the mind, until they read my book.  As my mother describes it, it was like a pinball ball machine in the mind. The ball would roll around and a click would sound.  It’s kind of like neurons firing in the brain.

The human brain has many possibilities for advancement within the realms of 3D 3rd dimension and beyond.  We all have a choice in what flavors we choose in life.  I choose research for personal growth in my own way.  My first book was 30 years of research,  The Infinity of Infinite Self.  My second book published this year was for fun Frackmicology 5N1Frackmicology 5N1.  My first book is basically a spiritual book, of a journey in 30 years of research.  My second book was also a spiritual journey of a level others tell me to bring it down to earth.  As soon as I finish publishing the 3rd album this weekend for the second book, then I will begin the research for the next book.

Once the 3rd album is published it will then begin time for the audio book of Frackmicology 5N1.  While I am working on the audio book it will give me the chance to work on my 3rd book. The 3rd book will be totally different then the first two books. The books for me are the land of possibilities. Possibilities are the land of growth in personal growth and to be a better person than I was the day before.  New day new way.  Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.

My mother always tells me, “why do you always take the hard road in life”, my reply, “it’s more fun that way, because I discover more different ways then others have yet to reach”. First rule – change every negative word in one’s own vocabulary from negative to positive.  Takes time to grow in personal growth.

If I ever choose to be an advocate in life I choose personal growth first, foremost, and always.  Personal growth starts with opening the heart which opens the mind.  The heart has a mind of its own.  Be true to one’s own self always.  Being true to one’s own self is following one’s own heart.  An open heart creates the land of possibilities each and every day.




Time Value


What is the time value of life?  And, what is the time value of death?

Two simple enough questions, that falls in the line of philosophy, but does it?

3D 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter in man-made concepts.  The questions correlate with morals, values, and ethics in man-made concepts.

However, human brains only process in 3D that is until they are evolved into 4D 4th dimensions.  In higher dimensions a new set of rules apply.  When a person transgresses in transformation within a hierarchy of vibrational tones, a new person is rebirthed into a new set of rules.

The lower end of morals, values, and ethics in man-made concepts is a driving force on the time line frequency.  The middle end of same set of rules helps to transport within the velocity of fluxuation.  The frequency of fluxuation helps to determine which set of rules in what dimension a person stays or goes into next dimension.

The higher end of set of rules only applies to those that have learned the conglomerate of set rules; in which they apply from the two lower sets of rules.

For each true prophet knows these set of rules, which govern all species in the Holographical Umbilical Cord.

To live in only one world in one’s own mind sets limitations.  An open mind understands the time value in set of rules that apply in life and death.


Thoughts that are predecessors of previous actions

My hearts desire in western numerology / Personality Bridge number is 0.

“The single digit values of your Heart’s Desire number and your Personality number are the same.  This is considered fortunate.  You are a WYSIWYG, What You See Is What You Get.”

Basically my hearts desire has been for the past 30 years is to be a writer.  I have now published 9 eBooks and 2 paperback books, while currently working on 2 books at the same time.

For Today –

Too many justifiable waves in the love waves, create thoughts that are predecessors of previous actions.


A Seed of Inner Self – published today



“A seed of inner self is about a journey, a quest to understand our own selves more.  We can look through lapsed time of inner vision and see humanity played out in past events.  As we look with inner vision with the mind’s eye we can see the past and ask our self-questions.  Can we really afford to watch human evolution dissipate?  Due to the fact of misunderstandings of re-birthing the fundamental mechanics, we are losing the connection with self-awareness.  Self-awareness can be obtained through the creative innovation with in cosmic consciousness.”