Flavors in Adventures

Flavors in adventures brings daily awareness.

Flavors are the likes, dislikes, ups, downs, and everything in between.  Flavors are what life presents to us on a daily basis. The adventures are mere experiences in life. Checking your flavors in your adventures brings awareness.

Changing negative words to positive words is the first step in awareness.   The key – do you really want to change any aspect in your life. Learning to love change is different than acceptance.  Flavors are mere attitudes of what we perceive life to be.

The Infinity of Infinite Self


Everyday is a new adventure and life is the ultimate ride!

Everyday is a new adventure and life is the ultimate ride!

Every experience is the adventure – each adventure is the emotions attached to each experience that creates the blockages, which in turn creates one’s own karma 😉

Machines break down at work, hey it is just an adventure.  Stuck in traffic, hey it is just an adventure.  Whenever an adventure happens I always carry a small notebook, small sketchbook, and a pencil.  Inspirations hits all the time.  Utilizing waiting time creates a product instead of emotion that one may regret later.  Regret is a negative karmic debt and really who needs more debt 😉

5N1 fractal family good – fire and earth are finished.  http://themetaphysician.deviantart.com/gallery/

Working on fractal family good – wood.


The Metaphysician aka Unispirical Power

What is the mental picture in your mind

What is the mental picture in your mind when you are making music.  The pictures are symbologies of energy.  The symbologies illuminate through vibrations.  The heart picks up the vibrations and a new story begins.

The mental picture is energy waiting to burst upon the scene and new life begins.

What is your symbology of illumination that you would like to leave for future generations to come?


Home is Where the Heart is

Home is Where the Heart is.  My home is the hearts of children around the world.  To touch the hearts of future generations to come.  To bring possibilities of what life could be like when they begin to believe, there is a better life just waiting for them.

Open the minds of a child and you open their world.  The world is a very big place.  Business has no heart only people have heart.


5N1 – Epic Adventure {Children’s Storybooks}

5N1 – Epic Adventure {Children’s Storybooks}

The greatest gift ever bestowed upon humanity is the imagination.  The imagination opens doors in the mind of possibilities.  The possibilities are infinite in an epic adventure.  You can find the epic adventure in the comfort of your own surroundings without going anywhere.

The epic adventure contains 4 books.  Just follow the link below.


The epic adventure contains 3 books. Just follow the links below.