Face Reading


Every day is a day of personal growth.  In the context of personal growth is two basic words – IN and OF.

IN – In the moment, IN the emotion, IN 3d 3rd dimension IN earth’s physical realm IN the human five senses.

OF – OF the moment, OF the emotion, OF [above] 3d 3rd dimension OF earth’s physical realm OF the human five senses.

We all have a choice to grow into, or within, or OF a higher nature OF the spirit realm.  We all choose which direction to grow.  Everyday we all have many choices and each choice is a path on our own destiny.  Choices are best made when they are practical and down earth.

Stepping back and being objective in one’s own choices creates sync with one’s own mind/body/emotion/spirit.  The 4 bodies of being create 1 energy, which is 1 body of being.

For me it is absolutely fascinating human behavioral patterns.  I am always researching human history.  This week I started on the book – Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology.  While reading I came across the word Physiognomy.  Face Reading.

Face reading in science comes from involuntary muscle reactions within the sub-scious mind.  There are 5 levels of consciousness and the bottom level is the sub-scious mind.  The involuntary muscle reaction comes from the primordial body of being in the 1st chakra in the fight or flight mechanism – to eat or be eaten.  The 1st chakra level is the protective state of being.

The protective state of being creates a wall, which creates karma in past, present, and future life times.  The protective state is a shield.  The more shields there are creates more walls of self preservation.  Self preservation is a psychology state of mind.  It creates self separate from everything else in 3d 3rd dimension in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses.

I was watching Leonardo Da Vinci on Netflix last night.  His paintings depict human emotions.  As with paintings same as human emotions there are layers that stimulate from a seed.  The seed is a thought that is carried by emotional baggage when a wall or shield is let down.

Painting is merely one avenue in personal growth in one’s own destiny.  Same as choosing which emotion to have with each adventure [experience] everyday in personal growth.  The emotional body of being reflects/triggers the involuntary muscles in the human face.

Lie to Me – I thought was a great tv show I saw on Netflix years ago and the muscles in the human face that they present on the show are fascinating to me.

Learning is an ongoing process in daily life and face reading connects to the human heart, that connects to the mind.  The doors open when the mind opens and the heart is the key to opening those doors.


4 + 1 = 5

4 + 1 = 5

Loving life through creating ambiance and tranquility into the depths of soul.

It warms my heart to know it is the land of possibilities.

The soul is kinda like the captain for the core of being.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The Spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

4 bodies of being is contained in the core of being. 4 + 1 = 5

There are 5 chemical compounds within the brain to reach the god neuron.  It is a mathematical equation that is very simple, but yet baffles the mind of a scientist.  Simply because they only choose to use the frontal lobe of the brain.

Everyone that chooses to use anything but natural meditation, chooses substance in order to reach the god neuron.  To choose anything but natural meditation will then have reversal damage to 1 of the 4 bodies of being.  Bottom line drugs or alcohol, etc will have created karmic debt instantly.  That is called instant gratification.

Putting a toxin in your body you are then creating a love wave of regret, which we all know is the universal law of cause and effect.

Open your mind and you open your world to the endless possibilities that connects you to the love wave of karmic credit.

IN – in the moment, in the emotion, in 3d 3rd dimension.

OF – above the moment, above the emotion, above 3d 3rd dimension.

The connection is yours to choose.  You get to choose karmic credit or karmic debt.  That is called free will in universal law.

Your choice to choose wisely 😉




Truth is when connection of self in core of being is 1.

Core of being – Mental body, physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body.

All 4 bodies of being have to be in synchronicity as 1 on earths physical plane of existence.

Connection from core of being to cosmic consciousness on a parallel dimension of self.

You live in 2 worlds.  If things are going great for you in waking life, then things are going bad for you on a parallel dimension in the astro plane of existence

Connection is from the subconscious to the consciousness to the cosmic consciousness.

It is only the tip of the ice berg in connections of self, past the physical planes of existence and into the astro plane of existence,

The physical and astro planes of existence are as 1 in 3D 3rd dimension in time/space and mass/matter.

Meditation is 1 key to connections with core of being.  But it is only a tip of the ice berg in communication in parallel universes.

Only you can connect you with you.  It is only through self love beyond human conditional love and unconditional love, past the realms.

Everything is a need to know basis.  Timing is when you need to know and the truth will come.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.  The mathematical concepts are within the soul that contains the knowledge of connections to truth.

That is  life – life is school – universe is university – self is one with all.

It is now 3:55 am and time to prepare for meditation.


Cleanse + Protection = Wholistic Nutrition

Cleansing is done quarterly, every 3 months.

When you have completed a cleansing, you then must have protection.

Same as when you landscape and you spray weather it be with chemical or natural spray to deter weeds and pest, you must always use PPE – Personal Protective Equipment.

First, it is state law to protect yourself.  2nd it is common sense to protect your insides from chemicals outside.

Thoughts are toxic to the 4 bodies of being. 4 bodies of being – 1 Mental body, 2 physical body, 3 emotional body, 4 spiritual body. 4 bodies of being make the core of being.

Once thoughts are created it becomes the cause and effect in Universal law.

Protect the 4 bodies of being in core of being, by changing thought patterns.  Cleanse then protect.

You can do an auric protection or psychic protection.  There are many types of protection that one can use to protect the 4 bodies of being.

First cleanse then protect.  If you protect before cleansing then you are only keeping in negative bodies of being. Which is detrimental to health.

Wholistic Nutrition – Is the nutrition you put into mind/body/emotion/spirit, which then contains different levels of vibrational energies that you choose to contain inside of self.

Choose your thoughts, choose your Wholistic nutritional plan, then protect 4 bodies of being.

New day, new thought patterns, create a new world. Your choice, choose wisely.


Perception a Unique Objective

Perception a Unique Objective

Perception of perceiving one’s own truth.  Humans have 2 visions.  1st – vision is with 3rd eye chakra, in 3d 3rd dimension of earths physical realms of the human 5 senses.  2nd – human vision with human eyes.  But, all can change with a blink of an eye.

For example – Someone can have nerve damage, or start receiving glaucoma, or maybe born blind. etc.

When one sense starts losing it’s power and strength, another sense kicks in.  1 or more senses start working in higher sense of awareness.

When this begins to happen the state of being begins to change.  It is ever so slightly that one is becoming aware of a new awareness.

For example – You may smell things you were not aware of before, or you may hear things you were not aware of before.

Awareness is always present.  Another state of awareness is one’s own archetype.  The archetype of each zodiac sign is a personality in which one is not aware, unless one is in present moment.

3d 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter.  Through learning the fundamental mechanics can one then be in present moment, because one is already in knowing.

The archetypal world is the negative side of self.  The basic archetype has 12 personalities.  There are 4 bodies of being in 1 core being.  In western numerology add all double digits together to make a single digit.  12 + 4 + 1 = 17 = 8.  8 + 3 = 2.  3 levels of self – higher, middle, lower = 3.  Last total 2 + 3 = 5.  The #5 is the middle of 9 digits.  9 is a prime #.  In numerology 9 is last digit.  In Hebrew Kabbalah – Sanskrit Numerology leaves out certain numbers when doing numerology.  Numerology is but one way to figure out personalities in 3d 3rd dimension.

The numbers in numerology is the same as the numbers in vibrations from rhythmic rhythms of vibrational vibrations of tones.  Each tone has a color, which then correlates to the auric zone within each chakra.  There are 7 basic chakras within the human body of physical body of being.  There are 21 chakras in 4 bodies of being in 1 core of being.

The numbers then correlate with the meridian which is then found in the flower of life.  The flower of life is the energy that lives within each energy sphere.  Numbers are universal language.  Numbers are mathematical calculation that are infinite within the subconscious of consciousness in the core of being.  This is knowledge brought forth from past life times, into present life time, in order to calculate purpose of lessons to be learned.

The subcultures of cultures are but one perception, within man-made perceptions of limitations.  It is through transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness, that one is aware of present moment within energy as it is, not what self perceives it to be.

In my second book I do present through scientific understanding of sec-lure education, within man made concepts of perception, of mathematical calculation how the infinity of infinite self is present.

I am now working on my 3rd book.  It is a children’s pop-up book and music will play.  It will teach values, ethic, and moral beyond human comprehension and it will be fun.

I do take regular spiritual journeys while having a human life.  Through correlating the number value upon the number line, which correlates with the musical notes of numbers on a number line, plus adding the color spectrum which is then a number in sequence of esoteric teaching, to see the middle ground.  Taking the mhz + bpm equals a vibrational number.  That number then correlates to a particular understand of knowledge.  The knowledge is then presented in the tangible world of 3d 3rd dimension of the physical realm of being.

Perception can change in the blink of an eye, unless one is aware in present moment.


1 school of thought

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to understanding what it means to be human.  One avenue is through the Vedas, Chakras, and Auric colors.

There are 3 parts in self, in 3d 3rd dimension, lower, middle, upper.  The middle is the present moment in self-awareness.  Finding the connection in self, in 3d 3rd dimension is in one vibration called Vedic. Vedic is a lifestyle.  Vedas are the action in the lifestyle.  Vegan is the food you eat in a Vedic lifestyle.

4 Vedas

Samhit        – contains invocations or prayers to various gods and goddess.

Brahmana   – contains methods and procedures to be followed while making such offerings.

Aranyaka    – contain more information about more complex sacrifices that were not usually performed or well-known to the public.

Upanishad  – contain the secret knowledge of internal rituals for achieving liberation. They provide information about the hidden aspects of the deities and their symbolic significance in the human body.



Muladhara  – Base chakra       – means Foundation (Red)

Svadistana  – Sacral chakra     – means Sweetness (Orange)

Manipura    – Solar plexus       – means City of Gems (Yellow)

Anahata      – Heart chakra      – means Unstruck (Green)

Vishuddha  – Throat chakra    – means Pure (Blue)

Ajna            – Brow chakra      – means Command (Indigo)

Shasrara     – Crown chakra    – means Formless or moonlike sphere above which is an umbrella of a thousand petals with all colours of the rainbow. (Violet)

Healing with Crystals and Chakra energies by Sue and Simon Lilly, Hermes House Publishing.

All chakras are related to the lotus flower.

There are 7 Chakras for each body of being, the mental, the physical body, the emotional body, the spiritual body.

The 4 bodies of being make a whole being.  The 4 bodies of being are within the Holographical Umbilical Cord.  The Holographical Umbilical Cord is a flying heart that contains the 7 auric colors of the physical body, which is connected to the fractals/tentacles into the matrix.  The fractals are the fragments of unfinished lessons learned in each life time.  The matrix is infinity.

Essence of 3d 3rd dimension of energy in tangibles.

Essence of 3d 3rd dimension of energy in tangibles.
Essence of 3d 3rd dimension in energy in tangibles.

The auric colors of the 7 chakras

7 auric colors in the physical body of being.
7 auric colors in the physical body of being.

The Holographical Umbilical Cord

Holographical Umbilical Cord
Holographical Umbilical Cord



I have meditated for over 40 years & this is the best vibrational tones that have helped me reach a new higher consciousness. I will communicate with my spirit guild to help tone down the ringing.

This was the best meditation I have had in a very long time. When meditating, the mind is still aware of waking state and at the same time one can have access to the dream state.

I gave my self permission many moons ago, to bring my dream state into my waking state of consciousness. In order to reach both states of consciousness is through obtaining the highest state of personal growth.

I love still mind meditation. This gives all the 4 bodies of being openness to receiving and giving through all levels of chakras. The experience is pure bliss within cosmic consciousness. There are 21 chakras and self makes 22, in the 4 bodies of being.

This is easy to do with many years of practice. I love life and life loves me through being balanced and centered within core of being. I have balance on the earth plane because I was born Wicca, which is a white witch. My blessings are gifts that live in cosmic consciousness from the astro plane. Two worlds outside of self, the physical plane and the astro plane come together as one into the core of being.

The energy of 2 worlds opens to the vibrational tones of the universe. The frequencies of harmonic vibrational tones will be through the experiences on earth. To be open to receiving the vibrational tones from the universe is love in all pure states of consciousness.

To be balanced is to reach 963 Hz. This is my normal state of awareness. When humans vibrate at less Hz than 963 it simply means they are un-balanced in core of being. Meditation brings one back to center of self. The more one meditates, then the more one can meditate often anytime or anywhere. For true deep meditation, ones awareness reaches the state past the 4 bodies of being, then one is in 5-D without effort and with ease.

Self is ego, when you meditate you are in control of self instead of self being in control of you. When you meditate you release the burdens of karmic baggage. Karmic baggage is a weight that many cling to for comfort. Release your fears and you will release your karmic baggage. Releasing is through meditation.

Light and Love to all.