Contributions in Personal Growth

Contributions in Personal Growth are a daily event.  What contributions have you made today to grow in personal growth?

My motto – To be a better person than I was the day before.


Humanity depends upon progress

Humanity depends upon progress.  Progress to some is a higher state of awareness, to others it is technology (man-made concepts).

Technology is advancing more than most humans can wrap their brains around.

I have heard about the microchip in humans for a few years now.  Soon to be world wide in every human. In the government world humans are just numbers.  Be aware and pay attention what is happening to the landscape inside and outside of self.

With progress comes evolutions.  Understanding the wave of energy that is dependant upon the structure within a biological climate can come rejection.  Same as when a person has any type of transplant.  Such as, kidney transplants or any type of prosthetics the body may reject what is not natural.

Many years ago before the mention of microchipping humans, I told my mother.  The government will invent a flying bug.  The bug will look like a mosquito, but it will be a machine that is controlled by someone, like a remote control car.  The bug will be so small, you will not see it, but you will feel a tiny sting.  The chip will then be implanted in your skin so that you will be tracked.

The government tells us it is for health reasons.  There is also now you can get blood test to find out who your lineage is linked to. It is not natural these technologies that humans are coming up with.  It defines nature.

Remember any human culture throughout human history – the universe will always be in charge.

The universe will say enough is enough and if humans keep acting like children, trying to take control, their world will change in the blink of eye.  & then life becomes grand – with tornados, hurricanes and the list goes on and on.

Too many children running around in adult bodies.  No one has the right to decide how other people should live their life’s.

We were all born equal, no one is better or worse than anyone else.  A life is a life is a life.  By the way, I don’t follow all the crap of 666 – the beast – that is straight up brainwashing!!  The biggest controler of the mind – religion.  I do not follow the masses – I follow my heart always.  I just bring awareness, that is all.




There are 30 traits as of today that one can take a test to find out if they are one.  To understand, as the saying goes, “put yourself in the other persons shoes”.

3.  Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own: This is a huge one for empaths.  To some they will feel emotions off those near by and with others they will feel emotions from those a vast distance away, or both.  The more adept empath will know if someone is having bad thoughts about them, even from great distance.

Also, in the book, The Wisdom of Menopause, by Christiane Northrup – While your mother was pregnant with you, you were carrying 1/2 your emotions and 1/2 her emotional body of being.

When you were born you carried 1/2 your emotional body of being and 1/2 your mothers emotional body of being, and her mother before her, and her mother before her, etc, etc.

To understand the emotional body of being is to understand the holographic world.  That is the point of the Holographical Umbilical Cord.  Understanding it is part of how it is filtered, where it is filtered, and where it collects.

To change it and make it whole is to learn how to reconnect you with you.

I love being a Metaphysician.  I love teaching people how to reconnect mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love, Self-Love.


Wholistic Nutrition

Wholistic Nutrition

Cheap nutrition when young is high medical when old.

High nutrition when young is low medical when old.

Wholistic nutrition is the nutrition you put into your mental body, physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body.

It is your choice to change and take your power and create it for you, in your lifestyle that you choose.

You have the power to choose, it is only your choice of how you want to live.

Choose your Wholistic Nutrition wisely and you will live a very happy life in transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.


Touching A Heart

Touch A Heart

To touch a heart is the object of desire.  But, who’s heart and how do you touch a heart?

My mother told me when I was young, “it is not what you say to a person, it is how you make them feel, is how they remember you.

Children are little people.  When they grow up they remember how they were treated when young.

Many adults today are children in adult form.  Because, they are emotional still the child of yesteryear stuck in a moment in time.

To heal that moment in time, is to let self recognized the moment, when self became stuck with blockage.  The emotional blockage is telling self I do not want to heal, I want to live in pain.  To heal is to forgive self for letting others hurt self.

When you forgive your self first is when the healing begins and you then can begin to forgive others.

To touch a heart is the object of desire.  But, who’s heart and how do you touch a heart?


Cleanse + Protection = Wholistic Nutrition

Cleansing is done quarterly, every 3 months.

When you have completed a cleansing, you then must have protection.

Same as when you landscape and you spray weather it be with chemical or natural spray to deter weeds and pest, you must always use PPE – Personal Protective Equipment.

First, it is state law to protect yourself.  2nd it is common sense to protect your insides from chemicals outside.

Thoughts are toxic to the 4 bodies of being. 4 bodies of being – 1 Mental body, 2 physical body, 3 emotional body, 4 spiritual body. 4 bodies of being make the core of being.

Once thoughts are created it becomes the cause and effect in Universal law.

Protect the 4 bodies of being in core of being, by changing thought patterns.  Cleanse then protect.

You can do an auric protection or psychic protection.  There are many types of protection that one can use to protect the 4 bodies of being.

First cleanse then protect.  If you protect before cleansing then you are only keeping in negative bodies of being. Which is detrimental to health.

Wholistic Nutrition – Is the nutrition you put into mind/body/emotion/spirit, which then contains different levels of vibrational energies that you choose to contain inside of self.

Choose your thoughts, choose your Wholistic nutritional plan, then protect 4 bodies of being.

New day, new thought patterns, create a new world. Your choice, choose wisely.



Cleansing is what mother nature does every 4 months.

The same goes for humans.  We must cleanse mind, body, and emotion every 4 months.

At the beginning of every season is cleansing time.

Same for plants, they need to be fed – fertilized every 4 months for most plants.  With rains, pest, and nutrients get washed away, nutrients needs to be replaced.

When doing a cleansing there are whole body cleansers at nutritional stores, for the body.  For the mind a deep meditation with a few changes in thought patterns.  For the emotions it is little more difficult.  Emotions are tender.  Anger is hurt turned inside out.

This is where a note book comes in real handy.  Each day there will be something that really bugs you.  Use the 5 w’s.  Write down when it happened, where it happened, why it happened, who it happened to, and how it happened.  Be in a room by yourself, close the door, and have a cup of water near by.

Once you do that, then crumble it up, and throw it in the trash.  Then write it down again, then crumble it up, and throw it in the trash. Do it 3 times.  Shred it if it makes you feel better.  While you crumble up your paper, say “I am sending this energy back into the universe to be recycled back into love for all those in need.

When you finish saying 3 times, wash the cup of water down the drain with the sink running.  Repeat – say ” I am sending this energy back into the universe to be recycled back into love for all those in need. Repeat 3 times.

Give blessings.

You must wash the cup with soap and water when done.

To cleanse the body and the mind is way easier then then emotions.  It will take your mind 2 weeks to change when doing this every day.  Your mind will resist change.  Who is in charge – you or your mind?  You are of course.  Because, you are love.

Play a game with your self and call it me time 😉


Art competition @ Mesa Arts Festival

Creativity is my forte.  I sleep, eat, breath everything in the art world since March 2014. I am on a very big challenge to challenge my self and see what I can do.  To be the best I am at what I do.  Each item I set my mind to is a challenge. Each challenge is but a way to get over, under, around that brick wall.  I spend about 50 hours a week on my art, while working a 40 hour a week job since March 2014.

Brick walls are obstacles that each human being has chosen to put up within one’s own mind.

Many of life’s adventures are only challenges to overcome.  Since I moved to 13 different states by the time I was 13 years old, and went to 13 different schools.  I was told I was a slow learner.  So they sent me to speed reading class. Of course I was mad.  But, guess what, hahaha. Now everyone sees that I talk fast, text fast, do things fast and I get to the end result while others are still 10 steps behind.  They told me I was to slow and so they got what they wanted, haha.  It’s kinda cool when you watch foreign films and there are subtitles and others can’t keep up with the words.  So I watch the movie and read the script at the same time, so others can keep up.

They also told me I was dyslexic and I wrote with my left hand.  I was told when I was young it was wrong.  I listened for many years thinking that adults knew best.  As I got older I learned, they really have no ideal what they were talking about, because they were of closed mind.

It’s really super cool when others perceive though judging you have something wrong with you.  Simply because they are afraid of their own inadequacies of challenges they have yet to discover in their own self.  These are the challenges in life that one can so choose to overcome.

The wonderful thing is they can judge, but guess what, it is super fun to be able to see things backwards, and I can draw upside down.  I draw upside down, because it is easier.  I show people to draw upside down is easier and then turn it up right side up and it looks the same.  As if it were right side up, as if it was the way I drew it in the first place.  Life is really cool like that, hahaha 😉

I took one class in college called 3 dimensional design in the late 80’s.  We painted in the class.  After about a week into the class, the instructor came to me and said I should be a city planner.  I thought does that mean, he thinks my art is to organized, and I would not be a good artist.  I told my mom about a week ago, like 20 years after the fact, hahaha, I gota lot on plate!!  She said he was just saying that I am a natural and there was nothing he could teach me.  Well if I would have known that back then, things just might be different, but oh well, that life, hahaha.  I have always been extremely shy till this year.  I’m working on getting over my shyness, it is one of my personal growth challenges. So that is just one of things I never mentioned to anyone.

One of the super cool challenges that I am working on since September is the city art competition. What makes it so cool, is I never took an art lesson in my life.  It has been a dream to be in a city art competition for 15 years.  The first time I entered a city art competition I was told they could not judge my art and they would have to change the rules.  That’s not fair.  So practice is like my middle name.  To overcome the challenges of what others call by labels – dyslexia.  They can keep their labels it means nothing to me.  All I know is art is all about fun!!  Abstract art is fantastic!!!

Spirit in 3 Funnels.
Spirit in 3 Funnels.

You have to pass 2 judging to be in the city art competition.  To just be accepted felt like I actually made it to the big leagues.  I take my sketch book where ever I go.  If takes more than 30 minutes to sketch it is too long.  When I sketch my sketch book constantly moves on the table. It basically slides around the table as I move it. I draw upside down, sideways, upright, diagonal, every way you can draw.  I want all angles, different lightening, different atmospheres, and everything that particular piece can capture.  When I paint it is under a blue light.  The other day one of my co-workers said, most people walk around with a bible or a book, but you walk around with a coloring book, hahaha!! Jokesters, you gota love em, hahaha.

Every sketch and painting stays on my art site.  When I am ready they will then go and live in the book when it is written.  Book 5N1, year 3050, universe #23, planet #3.  The book is about an epic of a boys life.  It is the adventures of his past, present, and future lives with fractal animals.  The fractal animals are Chinese Feng Shui animals with Chinese astrology signs in fractal form.  The series of fractal animals are called – Kaleidoscope meets Fractalious.

Fractal Rabbit
Fractal Rabbit


Spirit in 3 funnels

I draw and paint the details, kind of like the pin heads of pixels.  It is just natural.  I see the inside out of everything.  These are called gifts.  Natural gifts are a spirits way of communicating your own energy and presenting it outside of self.

I hear the tones that are natural and un-natural which then brings me the colors to paint the pictures.

Just uploaded spirit in 3 funnels on

Life is super cool when your own spirit is in the drivers seat and you get to sit back and enjoy the ride. 😉

Spreading smiles and much love.


Awareness comes in a variety of flavors and colors

Life is for the living and living to the fullest.

Always the only thing in life is change.  Change is always inevitable.  I really do love change, it is the spice of life and makes life fun.

Thank you for being you and thank you for letting me share with you.