Face Reading


Every day is a day of personal growth.  In the context of personal growth is two basic words – IN and OF.

IN – In the moment, IN the emotion, IN 3d 3rd dimension IN earth’s physical realm IN the human five senses.

OF – OF the moment, OF the emotion, OF [above] 3d 3rd dimension OF earth’s physical realm OF the human five senses.

We all have a choice to grow into, or within, or OF a higher nature OF the spirit realm.  We all choose which direction to grow.  Everyday we all have many choices and each choice is a path on our own destiny.  Choices are best made when they are practical and down earth.

Stepping back and being objective in one’s own choices creates sync with one’s own mind/body/emotion/spirit.  The 4 bodies of being create 1 energy, which is 1 body of being.

For me it is absolutely fascinating human behavioral patterns.  I am always researching human history.  This week I started on the book – Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology.  While reading I came across the word Physiognomy.  Face Reading.

Face reading in science comes from involuntary muscle reactions within the sub-scious mind.  There are 5 levels of consciousness and the bottom level is the sub-scious mind.  The involuntary muscle reaction comes from the primordial body of being in the 1st chakra in the fight or flight mechanism – to eat or be eaten.  The 1st chakra level is the protective state of being.

The protective state of being creates a wall, which creates karma in past, present, and future life times.  The protective state is a shield.  The more shields there are creates more walls of self preservation.  Self preservation is a psychology state of mind.  It creates self separate from everything else in 3d 3rd dimension in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses.

I was watching Leonardo Da Vinci on Netflix last night.  His paintings depict human emotions.  As with paintings same as human emotions there are layers that stimulate from a seed.  The seed is a thought that is carried by emotional baggage when a wall or shield is let down.

Painting is merely one avenue in personal growth in one’s own destiny.  Same as choosing which emotion to have with each adventure [experience] everyday in personal growth.  The emotional body of being reflects/triggers the involuntary muscles in the human face.

Lie to Me – I thought was a great tv show I saw on Netflix years ago and the muscles in the human face that they present on the show are fascinating to me.

Learning is an ongoing process in daily life and face reading connects to the human heart, that connects to the mind.  The doors open when the mind opens and the heart is the key to opening those doors.


Beauty is in the mind of the beholder – Just for today

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder – Just for today.

I’m still organizing papers and the pile is getting way small :-).  Running across some notes to organize for the next book brings back memories, of how life has changed. Understanding energy is learning that the human personality changes every 7 years. Seven is a prime number and it is a sacred number.  What was important seven years ago can be either as important or other things take its place as important.

For me, I have been told, read about, and researched – To be your own person is to create a lifestyle that fits your needs, wants, and desires.  This is how you begin a lifestyle of happiness. This creates your karmic credit, by being good to yourself.  A person wants to kick up their endorphin’s.  This is the natural happy pill.  Bottom line – exercise.

Being true in one’s own thoughts is being true to one’s own self.  Otherwise we create karmic debt. It is truly funny when we know life is a boom-a-rang.  Some would call it the law of attraction.  You receive what you give.  Chinese Feng Shui – the front of the human body is giving, the back of the human body is receiving.  That is giving energy and receiving energy.  The energy will then come out, in the auric colors, from the 7 chakras in the physical body of being.  Which is 3D 3rd dimension in earths physical realm of the human 5 senses.

Collecting energy creates one’s own karma in each life time.  To be present in present moment is to create karmic credit.  Karma is beautiful when one treats self with karmic credit :-).  Karmic credit is giving from the heart to self, when it is only natural.  When you know your life lessons before they happen is when you create choice, of karmic credit or karmic debt.

Reiki Principles –

Just for today,I shall give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today, I shall trust.

Just for today, I shall be at peace.

Just for today, I shall do my work honestly.

Just for today, I shall respect the rights of life.


Carbon Based Lifeforms – youtube

There are 2 kinds of Carbons. 1) Carbon – is a carbon blueprint = lifeform. 2) Carbon – is a carbon copy of a blue print.

A carbon is a replica of its original.  A carbon in its original state of being is energy – it is organic in 3D 3rd dimension.

Music therapy = activation of 3rd eye chakra through MHz of tones in Metaphysics.

Carbon Based Lifeforms –



Indie Art – Literature – Music


Being yourself creates the best of both worlds

Being yourself creates the best of both worlds.

The internal world of archetypes (positive and negative) is the landscape of good/bad, heaven/hell, black/white, etc.  And, once again man-made concepts that provokes the illusion of who you think you are. And, as we all know it creates self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.

Being yourself is to learn how to say no.  Say to yourself will it really matter in 50 + years from now what other people see me as, or is it more important how you see yourself.

Power only has faith.  No faith then no power.  Keep your power.


Every Single Person

Every single person in the world is a student and a teacher.

Every single person that comes into our lives is a student and a teacher.  Every single person is brought into our awareness as a reflection of where we are in the emotional body of being.  It is two energies that create a new energy to grow in personal growth.

That includes blood family and non-blood family.  We are all blood in one species on planet earth.


Sequence of DNA in 4 quadrants

Sequence of DNA in 4 quadrants

I love life; life inspires me to be a better person than I was the day before and to grow in personal growth daily.

To grow is through transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.

4 quadrants – mental body, emotional body, physical body, and spiritual body.

The sequence of DNA in the 4 quadrants is simple.  Watching the energy within the reactions as they become entangled into a new life form; and every cause has an effect.  Each effect creates a new combo of 2 energies.  Kind of like a funnel which is really a fractal through the sequence, it is past/present, present/present, and future/present.  Time constrains are a man-made concepts.

Everything is energy.  Energy can sit dormant in past/present or in present/present or in future/present.  It is a number sequence that is constant in 3 presents.  In every experiment it either works, or doesn’t work, or it stays the same.

Just depends on what you want to change, then you must know the energy and how it preforms within the 3 presents.  3D 3rd dimension in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses that lives within the 3 presents.  The DNA in 4 quadrants is like a blue print and everything must work in harmony.


Can you simultaneously use both sides of your brain?

Can you simultaneously use both sides of your brain?

You have 2 hands.  It is very lovely to write out a quantum mathematical equation with one hand while using one side of the brain, and at the same time sketch a tree with the other hand, using the other side of the brain.

This is called an open mind.  To understand the open mind is to be in sync with heart and mind.

Science is calculated with numbers, same as any creative adventure.  It is all synchronicity of numbers.