Category Universal Law

Category Universal Law

It is time to do a little housekeeping.  I get extremely busy from time to time.  Then when I’m looking for something I just keep looking, which means it is time to clean.  Sometimes you just have to stop and organize.  Everything is simplification and moderation to keep balance.

I got carried away and way too many categories on this site.  When updating categories it is best to contain prime numbers or sacred numbers.  Such as – when investing in stocks no more than 7 stocks at one time.  Learned that in a stock investing class before.  Sacred numbers 11 and 22.  In numerology you never break down the numbers 11 or 22 because, they are sacred numbers (years of research).

Universal Law – contains coded messages that the soul carries though out each life time for the 4 bodies of being. Each life time contains unfinished self-love lessons of baggage (karmic debt) that is carried through out each life time. Each life time is new lessons for self to create karmic debt or karmic credit. Karmic debt or karmic credit is what self has created through self-love for self. After completion of the 12 levels of self-love the soul has passed all lessons and is free to move on to the next dimension.

Open the Mind You Open the Heart

Open the Mind You Open the Heart.  Adjusting the levels of frequency in vibrations opens the mind and frees the heart.

The path of life is an experience which is really an adventure.  Each adventure teaches us to learn to love our hates, which opens the mind and frees the heart.


Home is Where the Heart is

Home is Where the Heart is.  My home is the hearts of children around the world.  To touch the hearts of future generations to come.  To bring possibilities of what life could be like when they begin to believe, there is a better life just waiting for them.

Open the minds of a child and you open their world.  The world is a very big place.  Business has no heart only people have heart.


Fear lives in the minds of the beholder, same as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Fear lives in the minds of the beholder, same as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  It is the perception of fear that lives within the imagination of the paranoid.
Fear is the negative side of self that must come out to play, through the chemical imbalances in an organic life form.  Fear is a chemical that activates the flight or fight mechanism within the human brain or organic life form.
Fear is an imposter that humans have developed as a mechanism for self-protection.   Fear – sarcasm, hate, judgement, etc.  Fear is to impose thoughts of inadequacies of one’s own self onto others.  Fear creates the negative energy that illuminates through the colors of the auric zone as dark muted colors.   Fear is self-inflicting pain that one relieves with each emotional memory.
Thought turns into emotion; emotion creates emotional attachments that create blockages that create aliments and sickness, because it is self-inflicting pain.
Fear is a mechanism that is turned on or off from the brain (body part).  Fear is the flip side of love.  Fear stimulates from low self-esteem, low self-worth, and low self-love.  Love stimulates high self-esteem, high self-worth, and high self-love.
Only you can flip that switch.  Choose wisely, because your future depends upon you.

Love is technically energy

Many moons ago (a few years ago) someone asked me, when you finished college and you become a Revered, where will your congregation be?  My first response didn’t even cross my mind, I said, “online”.  Why I said that I have no idea.  I just knew to become the doctor that makes house calls same as in the olden days.

Humanity has grown beyond human comprehension within the standards of future, in man-made concepts.  It is the different frequencies of vibrations that brought love into unbalance.  Too much or too little is an imbalance in the eyes of nature.

Many choose a deity such as God or Buddha or whomever they look up to.  To me all deities are just different degrees of love.  A child learns what love is from their parents.  A parent can only teach what love is by what they were taught.  A parent can not teach love,when they have not learned what love is.  A parent only teaches what they think love is, not what the child needs.

My aunt told me in my younger days, “when you have a bill, don’t stress, just think about it as numbers”.  It is the little philosophies that can change a person’s perspective in life.

The different degrees of frequencies of love – of = above 3D 3rd dimension of earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses, of 4D 4th dimension.  In = in the moment, in the emotion, in 3D 3rd dimension, in earth’s physical realm, in the human 5 senses.

To some the perception of love is conditional love.  The condition that one person wants you to do this or that.  This is the idea love of man-made concepts.

To some the perception of love is unconditional love. The unconditional love is acceptance of the other person’s free will is okay.  This is the idea love of man-made concepts.

Very few the perception is pure love.  It is the balance of everything and anything.  Most will discover this in a near death experience.  It is really strange to me, that many have to go to the depths of darkness in order to reach the light of lightness.

The different degrees of love come in the variety of different colors.  The colors are calculated as numbers.  Each number has a color.  This is called the auric zone that illuminates from the chakras in the 4 bodies of being.  The 4 bodies of being are contained in the core of being for future life times.

Certain things come up in life and my typical response is down to earth, practical matters.  My mom says, “you always make it sound so easy”.  My response, “it is, because that is the way I live my life”.

Many believe that love is physical pain, or mental pain, or emotional pain.  This is man-made concepts of conditional love.

Love is technically energy.  Every deity, inorganic, organic, every species, etc. etc. is love in energy.  Energy is the vibrational vibrations of rhythmic rhythms.  Energy is love.


Ticket to freedom

One day in November 2011 life went from hell on earth to heaven on earth.

That day I knew who I was, where I was going, and discovered pure love.  There is a difference between conditional love, unconditional love, and pure love.

I did not go anywhere, but where I needed to go.  That land is the land of love.  You can’t buy it, you can’t find it outside yourself.  Now everyday is as it should be.

The ticket is – truth.  Being true to yourself, learn to love yourself, and your ticket is freedom.