Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will

Each day brings a gift, a gift of choice or free will.

Each millisecond we always have a choice in what life brings us.  The choice to give self or receive self.  This is called self love.  Do we help or hurt self? It is a choice only self can make.

In each culture around the world, we all have social norms. But, our choices create individuality. We all have a choice to go with the flow or we have a choice to stand out as an individual.  As many of us know, there are too many that choose to be in the fear of standing out. So, there are many that hide their own true gifts.

When a person hides their own true gifts, they are in turn hurting their own self. Time will in turn give us what we want, that is the nature of the universe, called Universal law. On the other hand, when a person chooses to be good to their own self and follow their own heart; they are creating karmic credit.  We can lie to others but we can never lie to our own self.

A person  can only love others when self has learned to love self. Do good and it comes back 10 times.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

Power is Faith – Faith is Power

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Power is Faith – Faith is Power

Self Love  starts with self respect, self worth, self esteem, which comes from morals, values, and ethics.

Having faith in self creates power and you create your world in self worth.  Having faith in self creates power in self.  IN – in 3D 3rd dimension in earths physical realm of the human 5 senses – In the moment – In the emotion.

No Faith, No Power, No Change.  Always be truthful to self, because self always knows the truth.  To lie to self will create a change in the karmic path of past, in order to recreate in present moment.

To believe in self is to create faith which creates power.  In each life time there is one lesson to learn and one lesson to teach.  To teach is easy to learn in 3D 3rd dimension is called tough love.  It is hard to learn more than teach in every adventure in life.

The Infinity of Infinite Self


The auric zone vibrates at different frequency levels.

Each astrology sign makes up the micro in the macro of world astrology. Each one has its negative a positive vibration. Same as in a numerology chart per person, it is the micro in the macro of negative and positive vibrations. Then you take the 2 astrology and numerology which then creates a whole other vibration. Each new vibration then creates a color which is the auric that illuminates from the chakras.  This is only one avenue of vibrations.

Another avenue of vibrations is the archetypes, which is the negative side of self, which began in a past life brought forward in this life time of unfinished business.

The 3rd level of vibration would be the human behavioral pattern that is created in a culture that creates subcultures.  Each culture has a click.  Which are groups of age, or lifestyle, or rituals such as Christmas etc.  The behavioral patterns create vibrations of positive and negative.

Each vibration of positive and/or negative create a color.  The color is the auric zone.  The auric zone vibrates at different frequency levels.

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Fustik Vibrations Create Infinite Self

The Infinity of Infinite Self


Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

Universal Law – Cause and Effect [Creating Debts and Credits]

The human race really baffles my mind sometimes.  I just shake my head in a back and forth fashion and think to myself, ‘They know not what they do, because karma is a BIT**, and she will slap them in the face for what they have created for themselves’.

Introvert – What the world has done to me [what I have done to myself].  Extrovert – What I have done to the world [what I have done to myself].

A parent teaches love to a child what they have learned [conditional love].  A child receives love what they have learned [conditional love].  Every single experience/adventure is a lesson to learn in the love wave.  The love wave is the emotional body having an adventure.  Choice is then learning to ask – What am I to learn from this adventure?  You answering that question is conditional love from emotions [emotional body]. You letting the universe answer that question will come in the sign of symbols.  Symbols such as a butterfly – means let it go, etc.   To hold on to an emotion is the same thing as karmic baggage of karmic debt.

Tough love is receiving the same lesson over and over again until self learns why the lesson keeps happening.  It takes 2 weeks for change to happen.  2 weeks a person’s mind will resist change.  To change anything in life is to first change self in learning how to ask the correct questions.

Change is extremely hard for many.  Just remember everything in life comes in baby steps.

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The Seed of Inner Self

“The holographic seeds of new life lives inside all holographic bodies of the human species.  The multi layered holographic bodies contains multiple seeds of multiple lives of self, that contain past/present/future self.  At present time we are aware of having three holographic bodies that incase the human physical body.  Chris Griscom explains in Soul Bodies,  “We are coming into a streaming, loosely woven matrix of particle bodies that inform and support each other as we pass through the meltdown into form; we are coming into one third-dimensional body.  The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are the main facets of this conglomerate Soul echo”.  (32)”