Credit Union APY

Well I’m doing research of what I need when I turn 55 years old. I have one year to decided through a banking system, of how to make my money work for me, through interest.

I have always banked through credit unions, in every state I live in. Credit Unions are more for the community instead of for big business.

In my list of comparison shopping, I want convenience, Human contact when I walk into a bank, and APY on checking and savings. I like my pennies and I want to keep them.

In no particular order –

Savings – TruWest 0.05%, Marisol 0.03%, 0.01%, Sun West 0.05%, Vantage West Credit Union 0.05%, Desert Schools Credit Union 0.05%, Desert Schools Credit Union Health Savings 0.20%

Checking – Altier Credit Union 0.01, Arizona Central Credit Union Account Lifestyle 0.07%, Landing Credit Union 0.01%, Afizona Federal Credit Union 0.01%, not a credit union but, BMO 0.20%

I will check the list again in 6 months to see if changed.

This list is for my own personal taste of what I am looking for. Of course everyone is different.


Weather in the world

Since I live in the desert for many years and temps can reach up to 120 + degrees, I wonder sometimes what the weather is like in other parts. Such as, if I take a vacation what will the weather be like?

We are not lucky enough in school to be taught how to convert things into metric. Also, it’s not something I want to spend my time on learning. But, it’s fun to know, that when I go somewhere for vacation, etc. what is the weather like in Celsius. I found a great site Celsius to Fahrenheit.

I have been a landscaper for over 24 years now and I don’t need the weather man/woman telling me the temps, because I live it daily. But, if I go some where for vacation, I want to know the temps.

It may seem long to others, but my goal is my retirement. Where am I going to visit or live when I retire? First and foremost, what will the weather be like?

One of my favorite sites, calculates from the moment I was born, where is the best city in the world for vacations, business, love, etc. It calculates by longitude and latitude from my birth day and time of birth.

Choose your color

In the land of possibilities, we get the good with the bad simultaneously, in an instant. Depending upon where your energy is already leaning towards, you will receive more of the same. Such as, positive creates more positive and negative creates more negative. Typically our own vibrations in the natural realm is our core of being. We always have a choice which vibration to add to our own vibration.

Each vibration correlates to a number and each number has a color. Those colors illuminate from your chakras in auric colors. Auric colors come from the color scale and you have to use a special machine to see those colors. Those colors are the emotional body of being.

The core of being are the colors that you carried into this life when you were born. Each color changes with each adventure in life. Each adventure is simply an experience with an emotional attachment.

Such as, red / love or hate, etc.

Wiki – How To Live On Minimum Wage

When I first heard Suze Orman say, “Money is an extension of our emotions”, to me was a profound statement.

Living in a family that worked in accounting, they basically had a head for numbers. But, I on the other hand, had a head for art. While growing up, my mother use to give me tons of books on financing. I read them and I was bored to death!! But, the info carries much weight in life. I was also working in accounting for 13 years and one day, I said ” my soul is dying, I can’t do this any more”. Over the years I took tons of classes on financing and to this day I have a private collection on financial books.

Sure we all have 401K and such through our work.  But, is it really enough, to live that life style that we have all grown accustomed to when we retire. I’m no wiz when it comes to finances, I don’t watch the stock markets and such, shoot I don’t even have a tv for the past 9 years. But, I do know supply and demand. It takes courage, as Suze Orman stated, to be debt free.

At one time in my life I had 26 credit cards and other accumulating debts. Later in life I became much more aware of supply and demand. It would be nice to be considered middle class income, but with the shrinking dollar, the middle class is now the high low class. I found that changing priorities in life, helped to becoming debt free. Part of becoming debt free is learning to say no. Being a responsible consumer is having courage. I seriously don’t even like talking about finances, but it is an extension of our emotions.

I came across this article years ago, How To Live On Minimum Wage. I always say, “I want to keep my pennies in my pocket, I have worked too hard to give them away”. Most people talk in dollars, I talk in pennies. It’s a nice day when I find change. Just think, one dollar has 100 babies (word association). I want that dollar to have babies, as those babies grow then they become dollars. Remember too much planning takes all the fun out of what ever you are saving for. So, make it a game to watch those pennies grow that you have found and saved.

By the time I retire, I’m sure medical will cost me over $800.00 per month, after insurance. The biggest businesses in the world revolve around technology and medical. Those fields will grow as your dollars shrink.


June 6 in history

June 6 is special to me, because it is the day and month of my birth. Things happen before my birth and things will happen after my birth.

I know in history – electric iron patented by Henry W. Seely, NYC – June 6 1882, On This Day. Also, first drive-in movie theater opens June 6 1933,  This day in history. Furthermore, Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist died June 6 1961 Wikipedia.

I know in the spirit realm – in Native American astrology Deer Native American Astrology. In Western astrology Gemini [transformational Phoenix] What Is My Spirit Animal. In Chinese astrology Rabbit What Is My Spirit Animal. Celtic astrology Seahorse What Is My Spirit Animal. Mayan astrology Lizard Mayan Astrology. Vedic astrology (moon sign) Scorpio (Virshcika) Free Vedic Astrology. Australian astrology Pygmy Sugar Glider Auz Astrology. African astrology The Ancestor African Zodiac. There are many more in the spirit realm, than what I have listed.

Do something you would not normally do on you birthday, to create a memory. I believe it is important that we create memories that we want to keep. Memories are holographic in the mindscape of consciousness. There are 5 levels of consciousness. As with everything in life, {3D 3rd dimension, in earths physical realm in the human 5 senses}, each thought turns into an emotion, which turns into an attachment, that creates bondage (attachment), that can create karmic credit or karmic debt.

I have always believed that it was hard enough work to be born. I did not work, or school, or anything else on the day I was born. So, of course to me it is a holiday for me. I believe do something you would not normally do on your birthday, to create a memory, that last for more than 1 life time. Each memory is holographic and that memory is collected in your spirit and transferred to your soul. The soul keeps your memories for you to use in your next life time, of unfinished business from this life time. Unfinished business is your life’s purpose in this life time from past lives.

Learn to love your hates and it makes your heart grow stronger. I love creating memories that last for infinity.



June – named after Goddess Juno

June is a great month for me, because it is my birth month in this life time. In color psychology we tend to lean towards spring/summer colors. Depending upon what part of the month you are born, you are either spring or summer. Each month is divided into 3 parts. The 3 parts are the 3 different parts of a humans personality. The personality falls into the subconscious of the archetypes. You can see the different in DNA.

The DNA creates the vibrations of energy, as it reacts by cause and affect. The cause and affect is divided by 4. There are 4 season in every year. Each season can be affected by moon phases. The moon phases stay the same as the human calendar changes, through out human history.

According to the History of Our Calendar, the dates change for our calendar. However, the moon phases Moonrise, Moonset, and Moon Phases, tell us Waxing, Waning, Full, or New. It really depends upon the longitude and latitude of the meridian on earth, as to which moon phase to follow.

Such as, in the western part of the world, Waxing to Waning is good to create. Since this is a good time according to moon phases to do some cleaning, I’m choosing which Feng Shui colors to paint in a few rooms in my house. The key is – If you have not used something for a year, more than likely you won’t miss it if it ends up in the trash. Spring cleaning is just that, clean in the spring and the beginning of summer.

Your CHI will thank you when you clean. After you clean of course you must cleanse the house. Out with the old and in with the new. When cleaning house we also have to remember to cleanse the mind of past thoughts. Past thoughts are like cob webs, they keep building until we clean them out.

Of course, some memories we enjoy keeping. I enjoy the history of Mythology, and Juno came from mythology.


Project – DVD

Welcome to the land of possibilities!

As with everything in life, it’s all about the verbiage (labels). It’s kind of like you have to train your brain, to see life they way your heart does, not your head [(brain) mind]. If your heart is happy, your mind learns to be happy. The body does what ever the mind tells it to. Basically if you have happy thoughts, then you body feels good. If you have sad thoughts, then you body feels bad. It’s pretty simple basics to train your brain. The more honest you are with your self, the happier your life will be. We can always lie to others, but, we can never lie to our own self.  Be honest with your self and let your passions come into the world through your projects.

Projects are just that – projects are thoughts until we give it life. When we give it life, we have just given birth. To birth a project is sharing your passions. To share your passion is to share your love.

I heard many years ago, Walt Disney said, “Mickey and the rest of the characters are family”. It’s not his exact words, but you get the picture. So, to me my characters are family. I created them, I birthed them into life, from a mere thought.

It’s a lot of work, bringing projects to life. But, passion is a great driving force. My characters started as a sketch, then painted. I brought them to life with music. Each character so far has it’s own video. The videos are on Youtube

Just started on a project this past week. The project will be 1 album per video per dvd. There are 3 albums. I’m learning the technology world. It is fun at times and other times it can be frustrating. But, the cool thing is, walk away and come back with a clear head [mind], to give it a new perspective.  Change your thoughts and you change your world. Change the verbiage from problem to challenge. It’s merely a challenge in personal growth.

Personal growth – the only person you are competing with is your self. The only person you judge is your self. These simple little reminders on a daily basis will help you grow as a person.