The Universe is Calling You [audio and music]


Beauty is in the eye {I} of the beholder

Beauty is in the I of the beholder, same as Freedom is in the mindscape.

Beauty and Freedom are interchangeable. You can only see beauty inside when you free your mind from constrictions.

Constrictions start with No, Can’t, Won’t, etc.  Bottom line – total waste of time dwelling in constrictions.

To be Beautiful is to be free aka to be free is to be beautiful. The mind that is controlled will become havoc for the beholder.

Easy task – sit with a pencil and a piece of paper, close your eyes and draw. When you open your eyes you stop if you criticize.  Because, what you actually see is a master piece in the making.

Practice and you will become the maestro of your mindscape.

Artist statement of Fractal animals

This moment in time

Simple sounds are what we know,

But which direction do we go?

The vibrations are what is tingling in the mind,

The mindscapes are what we choose to bear.

Artist statement of Fractal animals

Where to begin and where to end? Where to end and where to begin? In the mindscape of a human species, there needs to be a beginning and an ending, and vice versa. However, in mindscape of energy, energy is a continues loop in all direction. The human mind must change all negative words to positive in order to understand energy. Negative creates walls/blockages, which in turn creates beginnings and endings. The opposite of a specific point in time of a beginning or ending, will create energy.

Energy in a species term of life, is bringing that item into their perception of understanding. In order for a human being to wrap their brain around a particular understanding, is in the form of communication. To communicate in all human 5 senses is to communicate in an epic adventure. The epic adventure is to touch the hearts of all children around the world. A child is from birth to death per each life cycle. Simply because we are all young at heart.

To stay young at heart is to let the heart dance with joy, happiness, and love. To me that happiness is freedom. When the heart is free to express, then it brings forth the fascination of the unknown. The unknown is the possibilities of what could be pure bliss. To me of = above an emotional moment in time and in = in an emotional moment in time.

To me, we can always make more money, but we can’t make more time. Rewind 30 years, I’m in college and in a poetry class, it’s a foreign language to me. But, I want to be a writer and what kind of writer I had no clue. They always say if you want something done right, then do it yourself. Fast forward to the year 2015, I thought to myself, in order to express my children’s books that I write, then I must create the art/illustrations.  With no formal training, I picked up a pencil one day and began to sketch fractal animals. Basically, 2D medium with pencil and acrylic paint. As I learn new technics, I use colored pencils and 3D art.

The illustrations are created through the process of Synesthesia. Synesthesia is a process of awareness in different senses while listening to music. I listen to psychbient type of music, which tells me the colors of a character or scene. The characters come from world fascination of different types of studies and combining them into one life form. I love seeing the very first expression on peoples faces, when they look at my art for the very first time.

The express comes from them trying to wrap their brain around a character, such as in the series Kalidascope meets Fractalious. The series is Chinese Feng Shui animals with Chinese Astrology signs in fractal form. My next series is ?  The series is Native American totem spirits with Native American astrology signs in fractal form.

To be yourself…

To be yourself is what we all should strive for. To be yourself is basically a chemical reaction to an action, that creates self love.

To be yourself is being true to yourself. Creating internal and external balance is first and foremost being true to yourself.

When you love yourself, you can love others. You must help yourself to become the best possible you, that you can be. Be a better person than you were the day before.

To be yourself takes practice.  Accept you for who you are. Accept you for who you will be come. Only today is who you are and only today is who you will become. Yesterday and tomorrow only live in the world of mirror illusion.  Be honest with your self, learn to heal yourself, and learn to love your self.

To be yourself is creating who you want to be today. Only today counts in creating self love.