Spiritual gathering

Greeting and welcome to Fustik Enlightenment. That’s what I usually say on my podcast.

Tha podcast is usually on Sunday. Each one is different, but always touches upon spirituality. Some have received the calling.

Spirituality to some brings joy and smiles to ones heart. But, to others it is the work of the devil. Simply because, a person didn’t follow god through their religion.

Spirituality is a religion. Is it better or worse than any religion on earth? The truth is only found in one’s own heart. Religion is one of the two main big businesses in the world.

The first big business is government. The cool thing is spirituality is free, plus no wars have broken out because of spirituality. Religion has killed millions of people.

Spirituality is a form of religion. However, no churches are built for spirituality. I am a Reverend, my surmon is on Sunday, this website is my online spiritual gathering site.

I received my calling after I received my god gifts. I only speak from the heart, because it is my truth.

Blessings to all and thank you for your support.