My head and neck cancer

February 2021 was going to be starting my 4th year of pain in my head. After seeing many doctors and dentist, plus 20 x-rays, 5 mri, 3ct scan, also I had to go across the border to get all my top right teeth pulled.

I had my teeth pulled because the dentist, doctors, and specialist would not listen. Because, I knew there was a reason for so much pain.

Finally in December 2020 my ENT doctor sent me to a ENT surgeon at the Mayo clinic cancer hospital and she did a biopsy. It showed I had a massive progressive sinus tumor that was growing. It wrapped around the back of my head and the tumor is cancer. Where the sinuses meet in the middle of the head, is where the cancer is eating the bone in my head.

To stop the cancer from growing I had 35 treatments of radiation. That is 7 weeks Monday through Friday and every week chemotherapy for 7 weeks. I have finished radiation but have not finished chemotherapy. I still have 2 more chemotherapy to go.

Two side effects I have gotten from radiation is too much burning in my throat and mouth, plus deafness in my ears. I didn’t eat in 3 months, because my throat is so sore. But now I have a week with a gi tube, so I can self feed.

Im having time of work for treatments and healing. I’m just looking forward to eating and getting my hearing back.

Head and neck cancer is just like everything else in life, it’s just another adventure. With each adventure we gain experience and have a choice which emotional energy we want in what direction, by positive or negative.

The question is always, does this help me or hurt me and what am I to learn from this? For me, it is learning more to appreciate every day more than I have. Remembering to rebalance life is a key.

For now I’m still in treatments and still healing and not really having energy for posting. I’m watching a lot of movies on youtube for free, I love movies and watching a lot of food videos of vegan foods and how to make them on youtube and facebook groups. So when I can eat again I will be cooking a lot.

I started back on crocheting my blanket. I still plan on later in 2021 to do videos on different subjects I enjoy and will post them on my YouTube channel.

I have not posted videos in years because too much pain. But for now it’s taking each day as it comes and getting better.

I’m wishing blessings for all and take care.