Time is irrelevant

Time is irrelevant. Time in the universe is multidimensional. Multidimensional is a different time zone than earth time.

Keep in mind, when you ask the universe for something, even a thought is an action, you will receive what you asked for. You get what you want, but not how you want it, because you were not specific in what you want.

One of the keys is remembering what you asked for. When the universe delivers it takes time to receive, because the universe is a different time zone.

Another key to remember, is learning to be specific. Example: you want a new car, you will get a car. But, if you are not specific then there will be things wrong with the car.

When using visualize you are picturing details. The details are the specifics. Such as, a brown car, with red interior, stock or special sound system, cruise control, etc. Learn to be specific.

Being specific helps the universe understand what you want. The universe is the parent to the soul. The soul is the parent to the spirit. The universe helps your soul through your soul path of what you will receive in each life time. But, your job as a human is to learn lessons of what you ask for. You will receive what you ask for but not how you wanted it, because you are not specific in what you wanted.

The universe is in a different time zone then earth beings. Your thoughts are carried through holograms to the universe. The universe receives and sends back what you ask for. It just takes time.

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