Learning to be frugal

Learning to be frugal comes from necessity, which then turns into a habit. At first you may feel deprived, but you learn over time how to make it fun and make a game out of it.

When learning anything new is hard, because humans are creatures of habit. Typically, the human brain will reject change for two weeks. So, you must keep plugging away until it becomes a habit.

For example: I typically do not shop grocery stores, especially big chains, because they are too expensive. Today is Saturday, during the week is work, too tired to shop. I start laundry at 6 am, while it’s washing I then got one store. Go back throw clothes in dry, then hit another store. Then pick up clothes, because they are done. Take them home and put them away and start prepping food.

I spent $30.00 and the food will last almost two weeks. 10 ears of corn and small container of goji berries from sprouts. Then the farmers market, I call the veggie store. I got 1 bok choy, 1 collard green, 4 stalks of asparagus, 10 big sweet potatoes, and 4 stalks of kale.

After I put away the clothes, I then put a few small mesquite logs in the bbq and light it. So all my veggies get bbq today. I chop up the dark leafy greens and sun dry. Except collard. Those need boiled. Maybe next time I will sun dry. It takes about 2 days for sun dry.

Store bought spices and herbs are too expensive for me. So I sun dry herbs. I sun dried 4 big red onions last weekend.

After veggies are done bbq. I let them cool, but still keep them in the foil they were cooked in. After cool then put in a big freezer bag and put in freezer.

Keep in mind that we can always make more money, but we can’t make more time. Plus all those foods are for people with histamine intolerance foods you can eat, and they are for vegan.

I first discovered in my research a lady named Anita Tee. All you need to do is subscribe to her website. She will send you monthly updates about histamine intolerance. She has been studying it for 30 years.

I received from her a list of foods that are do and don’t eat. I typed the list in my Google drive. Everytime I go shopping for food, I just pull up my Google drive and there is my grocery list.

Just make sure you buy a lot of freezer type baggies. When you finish the food in the baggie just wash it. Then you can reuse it.

Being frugal takes time to learn. But, make it fun and eventually being frugal will help you understand that money has energy. Just like everything else in 3D 3rd dimension in earth’s physical form.

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