4 bodies of being contained in core of being

There are 4 bodies of being contained in core of being. 1 emotional body, 2 mental body, 3 physical body, 4 spiritual body, 5 core being – soul body.

In 3D 3rd dimension of earth’s physical form of human 5 senses. When the soul incarnates from heaven to earth, it transforms into the 4 bodies of being.

The core of being contains coded information. With each transformation it transfers the information that is in the genes DNA.

The codes are numbers. Each number is a vibrational vibration of rhythmic rhythms. Each vibration creates different layers of light. Light creates organic bacteria. That bacteria form life.

Each life constantly transforms and mutates into different life forms. Each new life form contains experiences that creates more information coded into core of being.

The light vibration creates humans. Humans are created with light dark medium. The 3 levels are higher, middle, and lower self.

Higher self is light, middle self is medium, and lower self is dark. Higher self is super consciousness, middle self is consciousness, and lower self is ego.

Each experience creates colors from light. Each experience is converted into light that produces different experiences. Each experience is a trigarmic measurement. Each trigarmic converts colors into rays. Each day is a wave that is transfered into the emotional body of being.

These are codes that are transfered back into core of being. Core of being sends signals to mental body of 3 light forms light, medium, and dark. In order for the mental body to decipher the codes. Then mental body sends codes to the physical body. The physical body uncodes signals into physical form. The body follows what ever the mind tells it to.

Each experience is coded numbers. Each number must be converted in each body of being differently, because they have different experiences that must be stored in core of being.

Each experience that is coded into light are colors of experience. When the higher, middle, or lower self emotion is activated due to experience, is brought forth through emotions. Those emotions either created karmic debt or karmic credit.

Blessings to you