Anger is hurt turned inside out

Anger is hurt turned inside out

When we find root cause of anger is when we begin to understand how to heal.

It could have started from when the doctor spanked you when you came out if your mother. He did it so you could breath. However, to you you felt hurt emotionally. You thought why am I being hit, it’s hard enough work being born and I did nothing wrong.

Each hurt in a person’s life will grow a tower of blockages. Each major trama of emotional hurt will leave the person stuck in that emotional age. As the person grows up and life gets busy, we have a tendency to put that hurt in the background.

If that hurt is not dealt with it will constantly pop up in life. That person will get angry at the smallest things in life, simply because, the inner child was never recognized that it was hurt.

When a person can first learn to forgive self for others that hurt them, is only when the healing begins. Which shows that the inner child has been recognized that there was a hurt and that someone cares.

To care is to first care and love self before we can ever learn how to care and love someone else.

The key to self love is to learn how to love self. Remember you are important ànd you deserve love. In time the hurt will be resolved into love. Of course it took time to learn how to become angry. It will take time to learn how to love self again.

Blessings to you