Fresh herbs to sun dry

Greetings. Discovering new things at the 99 cent store is fun. I have been shopping there for over 40 years and in different states.

There are always the go to’s that we natural think of, but I usually go for the veggies.

The newest item I found a few weeks ago is fresh herbs. The herbs come with roots and dirt in the package. That’s perfect for people that have no yard. Water is more scarce living in the desert.

It’s just lovely to bring home fresh herbs and put them in a cup of water. The herbs are good for about a week. Then it’s time to prepare for sun dry.

Remove all the fresh leaves from the stalk and put them in a bowl. Put the bowl in direct sunlight for two days. After two days put the dried herbs into a food processor. Make sure well blended. Then put in a jar of your choice.

All dried herbs are good for 6 months. You will save dollars by sun drying your herbs, then store bought.

There are many uses for health and home with sun dried herbs.

Blessings to you.

Fresh herbs with roots and dirt.