The law of attraction creates

The law of attraction creates cause and affect.

Each thought is an action. An action creates a cause. A cause creates an affect. Each affect is a new path. When you change thoughts you change paths.

The universe always goes you what you want, but not how you want it. Life path changes with each thought patters. Each thought pattern will create an alternate path.

Each alternate life path is unique to each individual. Simply because the experience gets filleted into the spirit. The spirit is the messanger for the soul. The soul is the storage for that person and it’s life times.

Each time the soul is the guardian of the imprints of each life for that person. There are 4 bodies of being in core of being. Mind/body/emotion/spirit are contined in core of being. Core of being is the soul.

Mind/body/emotion/spirit and soul equals 5 bodies in 3D 3rd dimension, in Earth’s physical form of the human 5 senses. When you change your thought pattern you change your senses slightly. This is a new signal for your spirit.

Your spirit will adapt to the changes then send signal back to you as confirmation. Every thing is done instantly and this is why you feel it is ok for the thought pattern. Your gut feeling is your spirit guide that gives you confirmation. The spirit guide lives in your solar plexus.

The solar plexus is the in between two world’s. The bottom half of a human being is grounded to earth. Above the solar plexus is the top half of a human being. The top half is connected to the spirit realm. When both half’s are in synce the human is then becoming a whole being.

A whole is in constant struggle to become one with self. The heart and mind must be in synce in order to grow as one whole being. Your heart always knows your life path before your mind. Your heart already knows the law of attraction. The heart already knows cause and effect.

Take your time and listen to your heart in order to stay connected as a whole being. Your mission in your life path will become easier with each life lesson. Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.

Blessings to you