Gratitude creates Abundance

How often do you stop and associate gratitude with say a carrot? Do we realize that a carrot is a living breathing organisim? Carrots take their nutrients from photosynthesis, which in turn releases oxygen so humans can breath (in a nut shell, simple version).

When a carrot releases oxygen as you are receiving the oxygen this is energy. Energy is collected into a pot called cosmic consciousnesses. When pot is full it goes into a vat called collective consciousnesses.

The energy then fluctuates between cosmic consciousnesses and collective consciousnesses. As gratitude is added then the pot of cosmic consciousnesses grows, as non-graditutde is added to the pot, then energy of abundance is taken away..

The more gratitude is given with a simple little thank you, will  send the carrot the energy it needs to produce abundance. So step back and take a look at what is receiving your gratitude today?

Blessed be.