Weather in the world

Since I live in the desert for many years and temps can reach up to 120 + degrees, I wonder sometimes what the weather is like in other parts. Such as, if I take a vacation what will the weather be like?

We are not lucky enough in school to be taught how to convert things into metric. Also, it’s not something I want to spend my time on learning. But, it’s fun to know, that when I go somewhere for vacation, etc. what is the weather like in Celsius. I found a great site Celsius to Fahrenheit.

I have been a landscaper for over 24 years now and I don’t need the weather man/woman telling me the temps, because I live it daily. But, if I go some where for vacation, I want to know the temps.

It may seem long to others, but my goal is my retirement. Where am I going to visit or live when I retire? First and foremost, what will the weather be like?

One of my favorite sites, calculates from the moment I was born, where is the best city in the world for vacations, business, love, etc. It calculates by longitude and latitude from my birth day and time of birth.