Credit Union APY

Well I’m doing research of what I need when I turn 55 years old. I have one year to decided through a banking system, of how to make my money work for me, through interest.

I have always banked through credit unions, in every state I live in. Credit Unions are more for the community instead of for big business.

In my list of comparison shopping, I want convenience, Human contact when I walk into a bank, and APY on checking and savings. I like my pennies and I want to keep them.

In no particular order –

Savings – TruWest 0.05%, Marisol 0.03%, 0.01%, Sun West 0.05%, Vantage West Credit Union 0.05%, Desert Schools Credit Union 0.05%, Desert Schools Credit Union Health Savings 0.20%

Checking – Altier Credit Union 0.01, Arizona Central Credit Union Account Lifestyle 0.07%, Landing Credit Union 0.01%, Afizona Federal Credit Union 0.01%, not a credit union but, BMO 0.20%

I will check the list again in 6 months to see if changed.

This list is for my own personal taste of what I am looking for. Of course everyone is different.