Wiki – How To Live On Minimum Wage

When I first heard Suze Orman say, “Money is an extension of our emotions”, to me was a profound statement.

Living in a family that worked in accounting, they basically had a head for numbers. But, I on the other hand, had a head for art. While growing up, my mother use to give me tons of books on financing. I read them and I was bored to death!! But, the info carries much weight in life. I was also working in accounting for 13 years and one day, I said ” my soul is dying, I can’t do this any more”. Over the years I took tons of classes on financing and to this day I have a private collection on financial books.

Sure we all have 401K and such through our work.  But, is it really enough, to live that life style that we have all grown accustomed to when we retire. I’m no wiz when it comes to finances, I don’t watch the stock markets and such, shoot I don’t even have a tv for the past 9 years. But, I do know supply and demand. It takes courage, as Suze Orman stated, to be debt free.

At one time in my life I had 26 credit cards and other accumulating debts. Later in life I became much more aware of supply and demand. It would be nice to be considered middle class income, but with the shrinking dollar, the middle class is now the high low class. I found that changing priorities in life, helped to becoming debt free. Part of becoming debt free is learning to say no. Being a responsible consumer is having courage. I seriously don’t even like talking about finances, but it is an extension of our emotions.

I came across this article years ago, How To Live On Minimum Wage. I always say, “I want to keep my pennies in my pocket, I have worked too hard to give them away”. Most people talk in dollars, I talk in pennies. It’s a nice day when I find change. Just think, one dollar has 100 babies (word association). I want that dollar to have babies, as those babies grow then they become dollars. Remember too much planning takes all the fun out of what ever you are saving for. So, make it a game to watch those pennies grow that you have found and saved.

By the time I retire, I’m sure medical will cost me over $800.00 per month, after insurance. The biggest businesses in the world revolve around technology and medical. Those fields will grow as your dollars shrink.