Project – DVD

Welcome to the land of possibilities!

As with everything in life, it’s all about the verbiage (labels). It’s kind of like you have to train your brain, to see life they way your heart does, not your head [(brain) mind]. If your heart is happy, your mind learns to be happy. The body does what ever the mind tells it to. Basically if you have happy thoughts, then you body feels good. If you have sad thoughts, then you body feels bad. It’s pretty simple basics to train your brain. The more honest you are with your self, the happier your life will be. We can always lie to others, but, we can never lie to our own self.  Be honest with your self and let your passions come into the world through your projects.

Projects are just that – projects are thoughts until we give it life. When we give it life, we have just given birth. To birth a project is sharing your passions. To share your passion is to share your love.

I heard many years ago, Walt Disney said, “Mickey and the rest of the characters are family”. It’s not his exact words, but you get the picture. So, to me my characters are family. I created them, I birthed them into life, from a mere thought.

It’s a lot of work, bringing projects to life. But, passion is a great driving force. My characters started as a sketch, then painted. I brought them to life with music. Each character so far has it’s own video. The videos are on Youtube

Just started on a project this past week. The project will be 1 album per video per dvd. There are 3 albums. I’m learning the technology world. It is fun at times and other times it can be frustrating. But, the cool thing is, walk away and come back with a clear head [mind], to give it a new perspective.  Change your thoughts and you change your world. Change the verbiage from problem to challenge. It’s merely a challenge in personal growth.

Personal growth – the only person you are competing with is your self. The only person you judge is your self. These simple little reminders on a daily basis will help you grow as a person.