Which realm to hang out in….

The realms of life in 3D 3rd dimension are basically choices we choose. Every realm is a lifestyle. Keeping lifestyles balanced keeps the core of being in 1.

Basically, too much or too little brings unbalance in core of being. It’s pretty much time management as to what direction we choose to fill our own energy.

Make a list, break it down into categories, and lastly put the categories into the list of pro’s and con’s. Pro’s and con’s are the – what is good for me and what is bad for me. Must always keep in thought, the heart and mind must always agree or unbalance is the result.

  1. Health – 2. Family – 3. Work – 4. Play – 5. Rest

You are basically making a list of Energy in each category of sub-categories. Example – Health –  a. What I need to change / b. What I want to change.

Such as: A. I need to change using mulberry for aromatherapy, because family history/genes show that a family member is allergic, and I have received that same gene through DNA. Family medical history is extremely important and not just for our own selves, but also for our off spring. B. I want to change using more parsley, because I know I have heart burn, and it helps to lessen the pain.

First, make your categories, next make your sub-categories, then your pro’s and con’s

Such as: A. What I need to change is – There may be too much Fire element in a particulate room of the house. B. I need to create more Air in that room to off set too much Fire in that room. To off Set – paint one wall West (Air/Metal/Metal) with 9 drops of paint (black or dark blue), into the paint you choose to paint your wall.

The pro’s are the positive and the con’s are the negative. As with everything in life, the energy we focus on, which direction we choose, will determine the outcome. If the outcome is different then what we believed would change, it is because we are trying to control the external landscape. Keep in mind we can only control the internal landscape.

Creating internal balance starts from the moment we are born. Key – have fun while doing it, what ever it is your are trying to create change with.  Make it fun and when resting just know for today you are creating balance in your lifestyle.