Personal Growth – CV vs Resume

CV vs Resume

Throughout my college career and yes 18 years of college is a career. I took 10 years of testing, what I liked, what was compatible for my personality, and the list goes on and on. I learned to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions.

During my research, I discovered after a BA or BS, you are pretty much shooting for an academic career, in the educational field. One really great place to start is Bureau of Labor Statistics. Basically, it is like your bible on careers, while you are in college.

One of the many questions that I asked, was about CE (continuing education). I do have to have CE every year for my job in the state I live in. As with any higher professions, there is always CE’s. Since I set up my own educational plan, because there is not one in the government educational system for what I wanted to do; to teach in a different way. To open my own school, that is private education, I have to keep on my CE’s.

Part of CE’s is knowing the difference between a CV and a Resume. Remember, selling yourself short is less on you CV. Basically, now I’m having a refresher course, I still have my books on, Financial Planning Specialist. As the saying goes, you don’t use something in life, you will lose it. It is the wonderful world of memory.

As we age, our memories start to fade, but this can slow down when we keep our minds on what is important to us.

I have always believed, there is no such thing as yesterday, nor tomorrow, it is only today that counts. What have we done to improve upon in our lives just for today. Each day is baby steps, to climb whatever obstacles that we have created, with our own minds.

Remember, the cells in our own bodies have memory. We create the energy that is carried in the cells, in our own bodies. This is the wonderful world of 3D 3rd dimension, in the physical realm of earths 5 senses.

Be good to yourself. Create your CV so you can be proud of yourself, for your own self. Create memories in your cells, in your own body, that will be carried into your next life time.