Updated – The Universe Is Calling You – eBook

Updated – The Universe Is Calling You – eBook

The Universe Is Calling You

2 worlds as one creates a different symphony. The symphony is energy. On the surface is superficial, however under neath is the intricate parts of life called fractals. Nature is the one that invented fractals and the species called elevated thinkers (humans) discovered what nature already knew.

Nature already knew and will always know the fractals of life. Nature is natural and does what it does best. The intelligence in the intricate workings of nature is amazing. The intelligence in the system; of the human mind is natural. The intelligence is a whole, until it is separated into parts. Each part creates a particle and each particle is a fractal. Fractals are self similar, self replicating. In the human mind, fractals are fractions of personalities.

Each fraction of a personality is created into an archetype. Archetypes are created in each life time. When we are separated from self, a fractal of personality is created. The creation within the human mind created an adaption, to the landscape, inside and outside of self.  The archetypes are basically the negative side of self. It is a part of self, but different in order to adapt. The adaption is self preservation, in the reptilian primordial body of being.

The primordial body of being creates self infliction of deadly sins. It is a sin to hurt one’s own self. However, in order to adapt to the landscape within the human mind, sometimes we fall off course and create an archetype. In the human mind it is survival in the primordial body of being.