New glasses – trifocals

Everyday is a new day, new way in directing energy.

It’s amazing when we all stay on our path in our comfort zone, but yet the universe says time for a change.  Tomorrow will be one week with new glasses. Lucky me I now have trifocals. For my CDL-commercial drivers license, I have for long distance, the 2nd is for computer use, and the 3rd is for reading. The eye doctor tells me I must wear the glasses for 2 weeks and don’t take them off, except to sleep and shower. So, that my eyes can get adjusted to them.

Getting use to them, I believe will take more than 2 weeks. Hopefully the migraines will go away after 2 weeks.

I guess it is an early birthday present to me, to receive such a life changing event. I will be 54 years old next month.  I am looking forward to becoming 55 years old. I am looking forward to discount city!! whoo!! Just think of all the discounts you get when you turn 55 years old. Life is good. There is no emoji on this site, but I’m smiling for ear to ear.