I love routine if it helps with personal growth. I learned many years ago, to create my own lifestyle.

I grew up going to different types of churches, reading different types of sacred literature’s,  and 18 years of college; that shaped and created my lifestyle.

Example: diet to some is to me is lifestyle. Change the word diet to lifestyle. A lifestyle is simply a belief system.

Since I’m a Reverend – Metaphysician [non-drug practitioner], my traditions are different than most. Which is the way I like it. For me Sunday’s, I do not go to church, because I’m a Reverend. Where ever I go, I am a church.

Saying – To do something in the same way all the time, you get the same result. To me that would be the same as, beating your head against the wall, you would get a migraine. The physical pain tells you, that it may not be a good ideal to keep doing the same thing. Just hint.

To me and to many others, church is a bad word. It is not they are moving away from god, its that they are moving away from the institution of control.  Nature tells us – you put an animal in a cage, they will find away to get out, or die trying. The human species still comes from the animal kingdom.

I prefer – Spiritual Gathering. My type of sermons that I would prefer to listen to is, Alan Watts on Sundays.



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