Moon Phase 4/19/2017

We have two different types of sciences to choose from.  Depending upon which science is helping in personal growth is the path we choose.

  1. Esoteric science – started at the beginning of humanity.
  2. Modern science – started in the 19th century.

Every day is a new day and new way in personal growth.  We choose which path to create personal growth. Our own thoughts create our own actions.

Today I’m choosing the phases of the moon. Moon Phase

Depending upon where we want our energy directed in life, it is under the influence of moon phases. Esoteric science knows that energy is directed by our own forces; in our own thoughts.

  1. Full moon to new moon – Waning moon / dark energy
  2. New moon to full moon – Waxing moon / light energy

Until the modern baby science catches up to what Esoteric science already knows, Esoteric science will always be in the knowing and modern science will be in the intellect.

The infinity of Infinite Self

I have been working on a project for a couple of weeks now and wanted to help it in a different direction. According to the phase of the moon I must wait until a new moon exist. The new moon shows on April 25th.

Basically when it comes to the luck of chance it always starts with a new moon and ends at the full moon.  That goes for contracts, lottery, etc.