I do not believe or disbelieve information, until I have done my own extensive research. Information is just that – Information. We choose to believe or disbelieve depending upon how much power we give it.

Any belief system exist only if we give it power. If there is no power of awareness it is then non-exist within one’s own power source.

I was searching for insurance this morning and came across this interesting article. As I was reading –

Spiritual Sovereignty

Ways You Enslave Yourselves

Now, it is a fact not well known that when you enter into a contract such as marriage, there are issues other than marriage. When you sign anything that has to do with a state or a local government, there are times when you actually relinquish certain rights. When you sign a marriage contract, you give up your right to educate your children the way you see fit, giving the state authority to educate them. Thus you give up your right to educate your own children (depending on the laws of each individual state).

Common Law:

Common law, a law of sovereigns, is based on the idea of self-responsibility and natural rights. It is recognized under the Constitution as being the natural state of being. Only in the last century has common law been methodically exchanged for civil law.


Sovereignty is the state of being achieved when one operates only under common law, or has taken total self-responsibility for their lives.



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