Refer to the Fundamental Mechanics

Refer to the Fundamental Mechanics.

The Fundamental Mechanics are the puzzle pieces of life, in 3D 3rd dimension. Fundamental refers to the basics and Mechanics refers to the how to, or how it operates. Studying world cultures in the form of cultural mythology and such, that is your Fundamentals.  The Mechanics are the belief systems.

Metaphysics has been referred to the philosophy of life.  The Infinity of Infinite Self, originally published in 2012.

The Infinity of Infinite Self

Four years later, towards the end of 2016 and I’m just now discovering Alan Watts.  Alan Watts refers to the Fundamental Principles, according to the oriental culture.

I remember taking a Mythology class in college and basically they referred to only four cultures.  After I pasted the class and got an A, I felt like I was jipped. (Jipped is a real word according to Urban Dictionary and Thesaurus). The semantics of words just become verbal garbage to me, simply because people get hung up on them, anyways moving on.

The Fundamental Principles according to Alan Watts –