Vulcan Mythology

Human history is fascinating to me. From the smallest particle to the expansion of consciousness, is but just amazing in growth!!

To me everything is a mathematical calculation of time sequence.  Understanding world numerology, is calculation over time. To have more than 1 chart or 1 calculation would then be calculations.  However, only one thing at a time creates a calculation.

With one thought creates many thoughts and some would call this a conspiracy.  A conspiracy is merely pointing out another avenue of thought. Humans always have a choice to believe or disbelieve a thought.

With that said, The handbook of Celtic Astrology, The 13 sign Lunar Zodiac of the Ancient Druids, states – “Ancient records relating to Vulcan were said to have been lost during the Great Deluge that reputedly all but annihilated the Atlantean race”.

Research online – Vulcan Great Deluge,  – The real killer is predicted to be from a three-mile diameter comet that will produce a sixty-mile wide crater. Double sourced data suggest that it (and its fragments) will impact Canada, Ohio and/or New York around 2044-45 (other analysts suggest 2010-2013). It is believed that this impact will set off the Yellowstone super-volcano. Other impacts may follow, with coinciding predictions of 2120-2130, but humankind may be devastated by then.

I just think it is interesting about 2013. The research continues –

Interesting how there was a flood in 2013.

Its interesting to note, I find that the human imagination creates illusions that make things bigger than they are.

Human history before written words can create a great impact. Interpretation can flow both ways (2 sides to every story), in the predictions of the human mind.