Time sequence

Time sequence is where past meets present and creates future time.

We are all born with natural skills, called natural gifts.  They say each person is unique, same as a each snow flake is unique.  We are all unique and all have natural gifts. Combine uniqueness with natural gifts and hone into create natural skills.  Natural skills are just like any other skills in 3D 3rd dimension, in earths physical realm.  The physical realm is presented to us in the form of lessons.

Each lesson gives us the opportunity to understand how a challenge is presented.  Each challenge is simply the higher version of a problem.  Change the word problem to challenge in personal growth.  Each challenge gives us the opportunity to hone in on our natural gifts.  With practice, our gifts become skills.  As we grow in our skills, we become proficient.

As proficiency grows, self-confidence is the key to better our own skills.  The key unlocks the door within the mind of consciousness.  Each skill grows with improvement in time sequence.  Understanding time sequence, is learning the how instead of the why.

How is the key and the question are the doors.  Some may say where do I begin –

Love or Fear, then progress into, Knowing or Intelligence, then the 3rd stage, A Seed of Inner Self