Adventures in particles

Particles are but mere pieces of a puzzle.  Puzzles are great when you are a Gemini.  Each day is but an adventure in the mind of a Gemini.  Gemini is the element of wind.  In 3D 3rd dimension life is like the wind, because you never really know what life will bring every second of everyday.

Every morning I make a list of what I will accomplish for that day in personal growth. The goal is to be a better person than I was the day before.  Pretty simple stuff if you have been doing it for many years.  Creating combo’s of particles helps to connect the puzzle pieces. All pieces are just color and each color contains a number, which is a vibration of vibrational rhythmic rhythms.  Of course, the frequencies create new particles.

As we are working with the regular particles of how our adventure started. We also have to take into consideration the new particles.  The new particles are the every little seconds of interruptions that bombard our everyday life.  Which, then we have a choice to go with the path we are on or go with the new flow.  The choice creates change.

Fustik Vibrations Create Infinite Self