Synesthesia – People that see color

In life I find that magical things happen when just letting things go with the flow.  When things just happen, basically it means a person’s spirit is sending a symbol and a metaphor that are signs, for the person that needs them at that moment in time.

One day I thought, I will need characters for my children’s book 5N1.  The saying goes, if you want something done right then do it your self.  So, I listen to different types of music and while the music was playing I picked up a pencil and started to sketch.  After that I was gone!!  I see lines and color when the music plays.  Day after day life began forming with characters.  Different types of music create MHz and bpm’s in vibration vibrations of rhythmic rhythms.  The frequency of vibrations create color.

The color with human sight is limited to the color spectrum.  Businesses have been using color from color psychology for many years.  Color is related to the auric colors that illuminate from the charakas.  The auric colors are a way for the human body to communicate.  This is ancient esoteric knowledge that humans have known around the world for thousands of years.  This is common knowledge.

Common knowledge is for those that choose to learn how to understand how color works. Keep in mind each persons spirit guides that person on their own path.  The path is simply an adventure.  Each adventure is simply an experience.  Humans attach emotion to that experience.  Each emotion is simply the degrees in frequency in each experience.

My experience was so uplifting, while sketching in the adventure with each moment that passed was invigorating.  A whole new world broke through with each sketch I made.  As I sat with acrylic paints in front of me, the music told me what color to paint each fractal animal.  After many paintings I started researching what this might mean.

I came across this article New Insight Into People Who ‘See’ Color in Letters and Numbers