Sea Salt

You know how every body has this thing about a new years resolution.  Well that’s great and dandy if it is part of your lifestyle normally.  The key – if you add more than 1 thing at a time within a 3 month period, chances of failing are higher than if you pick only 1 thing at a time.

It is best to incorporate a change through out the year.  My new years resolution is what ever time of the year I decide to change something.  I was working on quite a few projects the last 3 years and fell off the vegan wagon.  Now that most of those projects are complete, it is time to start on a vegan cook book.

Since I enjoy world vegan foods I have learned and am still learning to incorporate herbs into my vegan foods.  I cook for health first and taste second.  Cheap nutrition when young makes high medical when old.  High nutrition when young makes low medical when old.

I’m going through old articles that I saved and one was on sea salt.  The article states, “Adding sea salt after your meal is cooked will limit added sodium while enhancing the flavor of food”.   I had always heard sea salt is better then table salt.



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