4 quadrants of knowledge – Seek, Find, Conquer, and Move on.

Remember – Live is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.

Infinity of Infinite Self

4 quadrants of knowledge – Seek, Find, Conquer, and Move on.  Seek what you do not understand, Find what you do not understand, Conquer the fear of what you did not understand, but now you understand, and then Move On from not knowing to knowing. Remember a thought is energy.  It must be set free.

To hang out with a thought, redundantly repeating, is lingering.  In a court of law that is called loitering.  Physically hanging in the same space in time can get you a ticket, and really who needs more bills.  That ticket cost money and guess what money is energy.  You don’t want to part with your hard earned money, then why would you want to part with you hard earned energy?

Redundantly hanging out with the same old thought day after day, is the same exact thing as loitering.   In which case we must set that thought free. First, does that thought help you or hurt you?  Do your research and yes it is work, mental work, of why you had that thought in the first place.  A thought turns into an emotion, which turns into an attachment, which creates a blockage, and that can turn into a dis-ease.

Remember you have a court or law for the physical realm of 3D 3rd dimension.  For the world of consciousness you have the thought world; that is ruled by universal law in 4D 4th dimension and above.

If you want to change anything in your life then you must begin your research and make a list of pros and cons.  To physically write out your thought with a list of pros and cons is the first step to letting that energy be free.  If you do not free that thought it will eat you alive.  The universal law will make you move that thought, so it is best you change it before universal law kicks in.  You change your thoughts and you change your world.