The only inevitable thing in life is change.

Life lives in the realms of 3D 3rd dimension, in earth physical realm, in the human 5 senses.  Which is In – In the moment, in the emotion, In 3D 3rd dimension.  In the moment is the moment of being, In the core of being.  To be in core of being that contains the 4 bodies of being – mental/physical/emotional/spirit.

The soul is the core of being that contains the 4 bodies of being.  The soul is the keeper of all life times for that soul.  The spirit is your higher self that is constantly talking to you.  However, do you know how to listen.  To hear something is but with mere human ears, to listen is with whole body of being.

The whole body of being is the core of being that lives in 4D 4th dimension.  The 4 bodies of being live in 3D 3rd dimension.  The number 4 in numerology means work.  It is a lot of work to learn how to synchronize the 4 bodies of being into and within the core of being. Learning to reconnect self to self starts with a mere thought.  Thoughts are actions that are then stored in the soul.  The spirit is the gate keep that passes your actions to the soul. Each soul has a soul purpose of unfinished business from past lives.

Knowing or Intelligence