Be Aware of What You Wish For….

Be Aware of what you wish for sounds simple enough, or does it?  Think before speaking is always a good rule of thumb.  To think before speaking is learning how to transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness; which then creates the fundamental mechanics. The fundamental mechanics is the how to In everything In 3D 3rd dimension, In the mind scope of limitations.

Basically, the limitations within ones own mind is simply the lower self within self that sets limitations in 3D 3rd dimension.  To believe that man-made concepts are true is to set the limitations within the rules/regulations and policies/procedures that are within the norms of a society.  Be Aware – In = In the moment, In 3D 3rd dimension, In earth’s physical realm, In the emotion, In the primordial body of being, In the reptilian state of being, In the flight or fight mechanism.  Reptilian state of being is simply the level of fear, which one (self) creates within ones own mind, which begets limitations.

Be Aware of What You Wish For.